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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Toes in The Water... Toes in The Sand

So I feel like blogging is going to be like journal writing for me...There are weeks where I don't miss a day, and then three months will go buy until I pick up a pen. How do you stay on top of it? Anyways that being said Eric and I have been married just over a month now!!!! It's CRAZY how fast that's gone by! We just got back from our honeymoon in Cancun!
This was my first time in Cancun and it was AMAZING!!!! Eric found the resort we stayed at. He couldn't have done a better job. It was gorgeous! The resort had eight different restaurants to choose from every night, shows every night, and bbqs on the beach. So fun and the food was great!!

 Such a stud!!!! Look at him I'm such a lucky girl! It was soooooo much fun in Cancun. We played beach volleyball, zip lined,went to myan ruins (Tulum), snorkled, went in under ground caves, floated down a river surrounded by mango trees, and just goofed around with each other. The sand and sun was such a nice change from the overcast depressing weather in Utah.

I love how active and adventurous my husband is we had a blast together. He really is my best friend.

The Tulum ruins were very interesting. The tour guide talked about the way the Myans practiced religion. They talked about a descendant god that came down from the heavens. It was cool to hear something that came out of the book of Mormon in the native's history.

The beach here was CRYSTAL clear you could see right to the bottom under the water

I HELD A MONKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our hard hats we had to wear while in the caves so so much fun!

This blog entry is probably the longest in history from all the pictures, but I didn't even scratch the surface of how much fun I had with my sweet heart. I want to add a special thanks to Eric's parents who made cancun a possibility. I truly feel blessed to have expanded my family, and found someone I can be myself with. Love you Eric!!

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