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Monday, June 18, 2012

It's a Bug's Life

Right now Eric and I are in the city of country music for the summer. Nashville Tennessee ya'll ;)!!!! We are working for Alterra Pest Control for the summer, and working our tails off. It can be a tough job, but we are so blessed to be in the situation we are in right now. This time last summer I had just started working for this pest control company and met my future hubby!!!! Our schedule is as follows: wake up 7:00
meeting 8:30
Start knocking them doors 10:30
lunch 2:30
Start knocking them doors 4:30
Come home (dark)
sleep 11:00.....
do it all over :D
So for the next 3 or so months we are living "a bug's life" (a life centered around the creepy crawlys) Haha I've even had dreams about pest control a couple times this summer. I am officially a professional bug girl. The team we have this year is AWESOME!!! Everyone is super hard working and uplifting. You have no idea how important it is to have a team that is like this. Every day you are with the same people, and attitudes are sooooooo contagious. If mamma ain't happy ain't noooobody happy. haha love that saying and oh how true that is! Eric is team leading this summer again and is doing amazing!! There is a guy on the team that was talking to Eric earlier today, and basically said that he was super grateful to have a team lead that is genuinely happy for their success and is motivating. That meant a lot  to Eric. He really does work so hard to make sure everyone is successful. He has stayed up late and waken up early to train


  1. You guys are awesome! I don't think I could do what ya'll are doing, so keep it up! Love you both!


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