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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Birthdays and Bright Blues

Happy Birthday to me!!! 23 on the 23rd. This officially is my golden birthday :D woot woot…..I decided I’m done getting older. No more birthdays after today ;) It’s always so great to have friends that are so supportive and thoughtful to give a little shout out on your day. Thank you for all the birthday wishes and phone calls! They all mean so much to me I love y’all!! Tonight we went to dinner at Bahama Breeze. It’s an amazing restaurant that has everything from chicken to seafood. Love it! My Eric got my bday present yesterday…..and gave it to me last night!! I was sooooo excited!! It’s a tennis outfit I LOVE it!! He did such a good job picking it out. The top is a bright pink with a white nike swoosh, and the bottom is a white tennis skirt. When I got home from work Deanne gave me my very first tennis racket!! I'm official...just got to learn how to play lol. I’ll put some pics up soon!

I love neutral colors like grey, black, tan, etc., but it’s a great thing to throw in a splash or two of color when you wear lots of neutrals. Like for instance…a royal blue! I got this sweater while my sister in law Stacie was in town, and we went with my mother in law Deanne to a couple shops. So much fun!!! I love this sweater!!! It really brightens up all the black and grey in the pants and boots. At the same time the length and texture add the warmth needed for fall without being too wintery.

Sweater: Gap
Jeans,Watch,&Boots: Nordstrom
Necklace: Franchescas
Earings: Gifted

A great thing to have in your closet are those neutral pieces that go with a lot (black skinny pants, black blazer, grey&black boots, etc.) the list really can go on and on. When you have these staple pieces, it makes it easier to have new outfits all the time; just switch up a few accessorizing pieces like the shirt or if you’re wearing black on top you can toy around with color on the bottom! Look below for some more ideas!!  J

Have a GREAT WEEK!!!!

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