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Friday, October 12, 2012

Brown on Black CAN work!!!

I LOVE Fridays!!!! Fridays really are such a great way to end a long week of work! Tonight Eric and I are going to hit the gym….(well he’s actually already been but he’s coming with me to kick my butt!) It’s so nice to have him as an example. It can be so easy sometimes to get busy with other things, and put off the gym. Lately I’ve been going pretty much every day and it feels great!! I highly recommend making time in your busy day. My sister in-law Stacie goes every day around 10a.m. with her two kids! I think that’s amazing!! She uses the YMCA, and they have a great child care program so CHECK IT OUT!!
Tomorrow we are going to wake up around 7a.m. and go hike Kennesaw Mt. It’s soooo pretty! It’s an old historic Civil War battleground. There is a museum at the bottom of the Mt. filled with bullets, flags, and different artifacts found on the grounds!.... I’ll take pics of the Mt. so you can see how beautiful it is!! Later we’ll help Eric’s dad in the yard, and then go to my brother and sister in law Chad and Mandy’s home for a double date!!! Can’t wait! Depending on what time we get there I think we might go to a pumpkin patch with their kids and then go see Taken2 later that night.

I guess I just like to break fashion laws/ rules because I think brown and black can look VERY good together! This outfit is super easy to through together; it’s just black on black, and then accessorized with brown and gold. Done and done. 

Love HIM!!!!!

Shirt: Wet Seal, Headband,watch,purse,&necklace: Nordstrom
Pants&Boots: Nordstrom
Rock on the left hand: Hubby ;)

To get more inspiration here are more black and brown outfits that work really well!!!!

"Unique and different is the next generation of beautiful."
 — Taylor Swift

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