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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall Colors and Cupcakes

Yesterday after coming home from work, I was suprised by this adorable trail my hubby had set up.I officially have the best husband ever!! How many guys do you know that would have a trail of roses and daisies leading to a red velvet gourmet cupcake and more flowers!? My jaw started hurting because I was smiling so big :D (like that).  It was out of the blue and just because he felt like being a sweet heart.

 He is one of a kind for sure!! After a long day at work it was such a fun thing to come home to! On top of all that, he was even a good sport about taking a couple outfit pictures for us to talk about. LoVe YoU!!!!!!!

Love thes pumpkins.....and really anything at all to do with Halloween!!!

 I love the colors in this outfit! To me it screams FALLLLLL! The burnt auburn skirt and tan sweater made me feel like I was blending into the trees outside....weird I know but I liked it! Even better is that these colors are flattering on every body type. The burnt red is nothing crazy loud, but definately a statement color. Play around with boots as well! Tis the season for sure!! I have a dark brown pair that have been posted in the past that would also work great with this. Get creative with different pieces you have in your closet. To be honest this is the first time I've put this outfit together, but have had these seperate pieces over a year!! It's a great way to get different outfits and save money!!

Sweater: Thrifted
Skirt: Forever21
Boots,Purse,Headband: Nordstrom
Earings: Gifted

This time of year is so fun I love getting into all of the festivities! For work on Halloween there is going to be a spooky dessert contest, and I'm really not sure which dessert I want to do. One looks so cute, and the other sounds AMAZING! It's a chocolate and orange cake with chocolate ganache on top! After you make it you do a spider web design on the top with the ganache and icing :) YUMMMMM!!! HELP! I can't decide! If I do the Frankenstein one I'll most likely do a confetti cake on the inside.....just cuz I think that would be a great think for a Frankenstein cake to be made out of. Which do y'all think I should do? Pics below ;)

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  1. Always such cute outfits! Can you come and dress me everyday?!?! I love the fairy tale pumpkin my mom has on her porch and the mums. Both the desserts look good but I really like the Frankenstein one!


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