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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Nerd Alert!

Hello. My name is Amanda and I'm a nerd. I love to sew!! It all started once upon a time when I was 12 and my Nana helped me make my very first skirt! It was hot pink and had a white hawaiin flower pattern on it. I loved that thing to death and wore it EVERYWHERE! I remember friends would ask where I got it from and how much so they could get one as well. The look on their faces when I said I made it was priceless. I was hooked.

When I got older a friend of mine Rachael Breyman and I decided to get creative and make purses out of Kool-Aid pouches like so....

We made lots of different colors and patterns. Once again I wore this thing everywhere! ( I was 15-16 these were super cool at the time....just throwin that out there)

My point in telling my life story is because now, I'm making these spa wraps. They are awesome! Personnaly I hate getting dressed right out of the shower before I do my hair and makeup. With the spa wrap however, you wrap it around your chest and are good to go! No more trying to keep the towel up! This way you can run back and forth between the bathroom and your closet and not worry about accidental Peeping Toms ;)

When I got married, I made all of my bridesmaids one, and they were so awesome to model them for me!

 The fabric is called's that SUPER soft fluffy fabric they use on baby blankets! It feels amazing, and looks great too! At the bottom of each is ribbon to accent the color. The  hot pink has a zebra pattern  & the light green has green and pink paisleys. I have a couple more not pictured that are yellow with black and white polk-a-dots on the bottom, and a baby pink with a black and white damask pattern at the bottom.

These are perfect for gifts, and even just to have for yourself! I will be starting an Esty account in the near future with prices for the Spa Wraps to purchase!! :) Trust me when I say EVERYONE needs one of these! I want to start doing different patterns or ideas, so if you have any cute combos you can think of leave me a comment!!

Eric and I on the Ferris Wheel at the LARGEST fair in Tennessee. SO much fun and SOOOOO much Food!!

Love Y'all!!

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