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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sunrise Hikes&Chick-Fil-A

Every Saturday for the past few weeks we have been waking up at 7a.m. to go on a hike up Kennesaw Mt. The waking up part and getting my tired booty into workout clothes is like pulling teeth, BUT once you get going up the trail it feels AMAZING! It’s right at the time where the sun starts coming up. When you get to the top you can see the sun rise over downtown Atlanta. So pretty….and it feels so good to start your day off with something active!

Eric chased me up I was exhausted!!

Sunrise over Atlanta


The trail on the way down. Isn't it gorgeous!?

After our hike with Eric’s parents we went to Chik-fil-a J(If you haven’t tried their chicken biscuits for breakfast you really really are missing out!), then we went to get mulch for the backyard, and went home. While the boys were outside I stayed inside and cleaned downstairs where Eric and I are living. Later we went to this little festival set up on a main street in Acworth. It was small but super cute! They had a stage where these little kids would perform for everyone at the festival. It was fun to watch, but then they started dancing to I’m sexy and I know it, and I felt like I needed to turn away from these 12yr olds hip thrusting the air :/ kinda awkward lol.

I’m such a lucky girl. I really feel so blessed. I have this hunky amazing husband who is always an example to me and pushing me to be a better person, amazing in-laws who are good friends with my family, and for the parents that raised me. More and more, I am so grateful for their love and discipline when I was younger! Love yall!!

Fitness Tip:
·       When on the treadmill increase the incline to 1 to simulate walking/running outside. If you don’t have an incline the treadmill is basically doing the work for you.
·        Try not to eat at least an hour, preferably two hours before the gym. If you go on a full tummy your blood is focused on digesting your food instead of being focused on your muscles
Sounds crazy but it’s true!! These are just a couple tips to make your workout that much better!!!

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