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Friday, November 30, 2012

A Year Ago Today

A year ago today, I was sent out to dinner with two of my best friends Alora and Mariah. At the end of our meal the waitor came up with a note and some candy for ME! It was a clue that led me all over Provo UT to different meaningful places that Eric and I loved. I was such a spaz trying to hurry from one place to another trying to see what was next! (My friends were such good sports going with me all over town lol)  Each place we went had a clue and a gift for me :) I remember thinking how sweet Eric was for going all out with this scavenger hunt because he knew how nervous I was about getting my wisdom teeth out the next day(little did I know)...! The very last clue was hidden under my bed that led me to his apartment. I walked through his door to see a table with a candle and flowers, two posters saying MARRY ME?, and the love of my life on one knee :D
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Hope everyone has a safe and long weekend!!

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