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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Grinchy Date Night

Sometimes stay at home dates can be just the best thing ever! No need to get all fancy dressed to have a night on the town. Don't get me wrong I love getting all dressed up and going on dates, but sometimes staying at home is just perfect. Last night Eric and I cuddled up on the couch and watched the Grinch! Love love love this movie!! Tis the season right? Next week we are going to watch Elf which happens to be my happy movie, and then maybe/hopefully do some Christmas shopping!

Recipe for an awesome stay at home date:
  • Comfy couch
  • Blanket (optional)
  • Sweats
  • Smart Balance popcorn (Keepin it healthy;))
  • Classic movie (i.e. The Grinch)
  • Love of your life aka husband(if not married may substitute boyfriend or cuddle buddy)
Put sweats on, pop popcorn acording to instructions. Throw movie in and get to cuddling! Repeat as often as possible! ;) This is a great recipe and a must try! Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!

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