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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Workout sessions

A couple of you have asked about my fitness routine, and with holiday goodies all around us what more of a perfect time to talk about it!? To be honest I don't have a set routine that I do every time at the gym. I really try to always switch things up to keep it interesting.  To give you an idea this week so far, this is what my workouts have been like.
Mon. (Crossfit Cardio Mix)
  • Treadmill on level 8 with an incline of 2. Run .5 miles (on level 8 it's about 5 min)
  • Right after running; straight over to bench press. (I used the machines where you sit down rather than laying on your back with the bar) I did 45 lbs. 15 times.
  • Straight from bench to squats (find an area where you can do sit ups right after). I did squats with my hands straight in front of me (no weight) 30 times. (Go as low as you comfortably can)
  • Right after sqauts 40 sit-ups
Repeated this 3 times (Do more if you can!! Always push yourself). The trick to these types of workouts is moving quickly from one thing to another to really get the best results. 30 squats with no weight may not sound like a lot, but you'll start feeling the burn!!

Tues. (Shoulders,biceps,&triceps)
For you girlies that are planning on wearing anything that shows off your arms, this is the perfect workout!! I think it's super hot when a girl has toned arms so I kind of love working them out!

  1. Make sure that you adjust weight that's right for you. Some days I go lighter than others. Don't be shy if you're using 5lb or less. You don't want to hurt your muscles just know your limits but continue to push yourself!!
  2. Try not to eat at least two hours before going to the gym. This way the blood will be rushing to your muscles to get a good workout instead of to your stomache area to digest your food. (If you're starving grab a banana or something light)
Make sure to check out my blog next week for my favorite abb and booty tightening workouts!!! Have a great day! Almost FRI!!!

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