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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ab and Booty Buster!!

These next few exercises are my absolute FAVORITE!! I mean really they're great! Perfect for getting that sexy Victoria Secret  ab line definition, and a tone perky booty!!

Abs: (I usually do my abs at the end of my workouts after weights, or cardio)
  • Bosu ball situps. Ok so I get a TON of workout ideas off of youtube, and this girl has some great ones, but I love the Bosu sit up she does. It's about 3:57 in the video that she starts doing these. I do these every time I do abs and HIGHLY recommend it. I do 20 on each side and hold for 10 seconds on my tenth sit up (half way up so you have a lot of resistance)

  • Plank. This is a classic ab workout, but I add a couple twists to it that really make you feel the burn! Get in plank position (what a plank should look like) I hold the regular plank for about 30 seconds and then dip my hips from side to side. Basically you are in the plank position trying to get each hip close to the ground. Keep your legs straight..(Does that make sense LOL?? comment on the bottom with any questions) I will do this for 30 counts, and then go back to regular plank. Hold for 30 seconds, and then stick your butt in the air (like a mini downward dog on your forearms)Go back and forth from the mini downward dog to regular plank for 30 seconds. After I love doing an upward dog yoga pose to stretch out the ab muscles!
Honky Tonk Badonkadonk:
  • Yet another amazing youtube booty and hamstring workout (I'm kind of annoyed because I can't find the exact clip that I found and loved) Follow the instructions in the clip of getting into position with your upper back on the ball and legs at a 90 degree angle in front of you. (It's best to have the ball against a wall especially with the weight you'll be using) I used a 30 lb bar across my pelvic/lower stomach area and with both feet on the floor did 30 dips. Go as low as you can, and when coming up squeeze your glutes to the very top. After 30 I'll keep the weight on and hold for 30 seconds at starting position with legs at a 90 degree angle. Stand up do lunges with bar on your shoulders, and then repeat butt dips with gym ball.
This is what the bar looked like. They have these on a rack at most gyms.


  • Smith Machine Squats: I LOVE these! Eric showed them to me and I'm obsessed! This clip is a good idea of how you should look while doing these. The reason the Smith Machine works amazing is because you can walk your feet forward having your body at a slight incline and do the squats. This really targets the upper Hamstring and booty area (you'll feel it in you quads as well) Make sure your feet are parallel.

Hope you like these workouts and add them to your gym regimen! I have noticed very quick results doing these exercises. Don't be scared to add weight you won't get bulky I promise!! Have a great Wednesday HALF WAY THERE!!

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