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Friday, December 7, 2012

Style Crush: Fashion It's My Passion

I LOVE the different styles that everyone has! I think it's so fun to see everyones personality and individuality come out through their style. One thing I really wanted to do with my blog, is to have different ideas for y'all along with my own! That being said.......

Meet Mariah Hopkins ;)

Mariah and I have been friends for a little over 2yrs now, and she is one of those friends you know you'll have for life. She just married her sweetheart Rob on April 27 2012, is a blogger, and has great style!!(as you can see for yourself below)
How would you describe your style?
You know I get asked that question a lot and I never know what to say! My style is pretty classy! I stick to a lot of the same kinds of things. I love stripes, solids, polka dots, etc. I work in a professional setting so I usually wear pretty classy things!

What are your favorite stores to shop at?
One of my all time favorite stores is Victorias Secret. I love their clothes, a lot of them are pretty simple, and dressy enough for work. I also like Forever 21, Buckle, Target, Cotton On, TJ Maxx, H&M.. I could go on for days!

What shopping tips would you give?
Well I am the queen of good deals, I totally got it from my mom! I find the best deals and it is honestly because I am patient and I am rarely looking for something in particular! I don't need anymore clothes but I can always make room for more! Ha ha my biggest way is I shop online 95% of the time! I feel like it is easier to find good deals, plus I don't have to walk around stores for hours! Lazy? Maybe...

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