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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

7 Benefits and Different Types of Yoga!

Yoga!! Love it or love it!? I used to go a few times a week, but then started lifting weights more and doing cardio. Long story short...I've slowly drifted away from the yoga scene, and I miss it!!! When I was in college I'd go to a late class that started at nine p.m., and when I got in bed that night I had the most amazing rest ever! There are so many benefits to yoga and so many different types, that you could leave a class and be sore for a couple days.....or leave and feel like your walking on clouds the rest of the day.
I first really started to get into yoga about 2 years ago because my sciatic nerve was pinched. My legs weren't getting good blood flow, and as a result I'd constantly have leg aches and lower back pain. :/ (That my dears is why stretching is so important!!) After about a week or so, I noticed that my legs and back weren't hurting, I felt more energetic during the days, and I was just happier... It may sound cheesy, but it's true. Lately I've really wanted to get back into yoga and eating healthier...(My BIGGEST weakness is sugar and breads YUM!!). I've started to do some research on the different types of yoga and the benefits of them
*Bikram's Yoga or Hot Yoga- Is where you do poses and stances in a hot room for about 90 min. The heat allows your muscles to stretch and breath, and at the same time release toxins through your sweat.
*Iyenegar Yoga- Focuses on strength, flexibility, endurance, and correct body posture. They use a lot of different props to help stretch.
*Kundalini Yoga-Focuses on the core and is considered "intense"
*Hatha Yoga-A lot of focus on breathing and slow movements. It's perfect to relax you after a long day at the office!!
*Pre-Natal Yoga- For expecting mommies!!! A lot of focus on breathing and different core excercises, so a really good workout for moms to be!!
Click here for more information I found on different types of yoga for your different needs!! Make sure you drink lots of water after yoga to help further flush out all the toxins in your body!!

7 Benefits of Yoga

*Makes you happier
*Gives you better sleep
*Takes away aches and pains
*Higher Confidence levels
*Better Sex Life
*Toned Body
Click here for more details and benefits!!!!!

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I Hope everyone has a great Tuesday and schedules in a yoga class this week!!
XO Amanda

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