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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bachelor Night

I've had my Bachelor countdown for a little over a month now (pathetic I know..but it's Sean!!), and I was soooo excited last night when it finally came on!!! I had my sweedish fish and bottle of water all ready for the first episode. Love watching shows with yummy treats!! ....Liiiiiiike popcorn with peanut butter m& the popcorn. It doesn't taste the same unless the m&ms are in it!!
Not gonna lie when I heard there was going to be a girl from another season come on, I was hoping that it would be Kacie B from Ben's season. I kinda flipped when she got out of the limo!!! Love her! (Sorry to be a spoiler for everyone who recorded it!) This season is going to be interesting though... there are some crazies in the group.....which makes it that much more fun to watch! ;)
My beautiful sister Ashley is once again gracing us all with her presense as my model today. She really has such a fun style that I love!! You'll be seeing much more of her and her classy/trendy take on fashion.

Sweater: Nordstrom Rack
Black Skinnies: Charlotte Russe
Boots: DSW

More fashion inspiration

I love how classy but fun and girly this outfit is!!

Perfect combination of Rocker and feminine chic

Find this sweater here

Above sweater would go perfect with some leather leggings, and
Steve Madden Troopa boots found here

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