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Monday, January 7, 2013

Black Leopard Spa Gift

This past weekend was a lot of fun. Eric and I went on a date Friday night to Red Lobster (we decided to save Cheesecake Factory for later) and shared some crab legs and their AMAZING cheddar biscuits....OMG I have to find that recipe!!!.....or maybe not because I'll end up gaining 50+ pounds from them! Seriously that good.

 I'm realizing more and more, that making time for date nights is so important in every marraige/relationship.  I mean really.. during the day for the most part, both people are at work, school, or with kids. It can be so easy to get into your own seperate routines, and get complacent with the relationship. To be honest becoming complacent terrifies me!! I never want to forget how funny my hubby is!! I guess that can be a good thing though, because it will keep me on my toes to keep things fresh in our relationship. :)

At work a lot of people were surprised that Eric and I still went on dates. They thought it was so romantic that Eric makes time for a date every Friday night. When I got home and told Eric how romantic everyone thought it was, he got this grin and I know he was thinkin
"yeah...I'm the man."  
...and he is...

Right before our Christmas Vacation, a lady I work with ordered the black and leopard minky spa wrap from me to give to her mom for Christmas. I had a blast making this for her!! She wanted to have it gift giving ready, so she had me wrap it all up nicely for her. After my experimentational wrapping job was done, I really liked the presentaion and decided all future wraps I sell will be "gift giving ready." Everyone likes to open a present right? Even if that present is for yourself!!...or maybe that's just me ;)

For more details on Spa Wraps 
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