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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Early Morning Work Outs

The past week I've been waking up at 5 in the a.m. to get my work out done for the day, and so far I've been loving it!! Previously I would get home from work around 5 p.m. and hit the gym around 6ish. I really felt like my day was gone by the time I got home from the gym, showered, and ate dinner. Blah....
I really wanted to have time after work to be able to do other things that I need/want to do without feeling rushed. Solution get my tired booty out of bed and just do it! For those that know me well, know that I'm NOT a morning person in fact this is usually what I look like...
haha poor kid!
A mind trick that I found works really well is the night before, I get out all my work out clothes for the next morning (i.e. tank, shorts, sports bra, socks) and lay them on the desk next to my side of the bed. When my alarm goes off and I know everything is just sitting there waiting for me to grab it and go, it eliminates me trying to justify to myself that I HAVE to stay in bed because I would have to go through allllll my drawers and potentially wake the hubbs, ...don't want to do that!! It also makes me feel guilty if I do sleep in, and then walk past my gym clothes to get ready for work knowing I really had no excuse to miss my gym time.

Other ways to convince yourself not to skip out on bettering your bod at the gym:

  1. Meet a friend at the gym. If you know someone is depending on you to be there, you're less likely to skip out
  2. Go to a class. Find a class that starts at a specific time and go to it. This way you're less likely to push back the gym thinking you'll just go later on.
  3. Bring your kids with you. Most gyms offer child care (as young as 6 weeks old), and this will eliminate the justification of having to stay with your kids at home. (My sister-inlaw brings her kids with her every morning, and she told me one day she wasn't feeling well and decided to stay home. Her little girl came up to her in her "work out clothes", and was upset because she wanted to go to the gym! If that's not motivation lol I don't know what is!)
  4. Make it a family activity. Spending time as a family is important. Why not spend time together being productive? This will teach great habits and bring your family closer together.
Do you have any mind tricks, or ways to motivate yourself to get going? Leave a comment or email me at to let me know your secrets!!
Have a great Wednesday! Almost the weekend, halfway there!!!


  1. Good idea to go in the morning! It's so true that it's hard to wake up early to do it, but then you don't have to think about it at all the rest of the day. I do my LONG runs early Saturday mornings and I also lay out my clothes to be ready. I also have to go to bed by 10 Friday nights to have energy. Does Eric go early too now?

  2. Thanks Stace! Lol no he doesn't yet. I'm trying to get him to though because he's so exhausted after work. Sats we've started to do a cycling class together in the morning. It's so fun to work out with him, so we'll wake up around 8 on sat. for the gym!


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