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Monday, January 21, 2013

I Really Wouldn't Mind...

This past friday I was supposed to have a Resurfacing lazer treatment done on my face....Ouch..but worth it!! Monday (today) the blog post would be filled with before, during, and after photos of the procedure and tips for people wanting to get started......Long story short, when I made my appt. they didn't let me know they'd moved locations :(  and I ended up missing my appt trying to track down their new office! So frustrating!! We rescheduled for friday two weeks from look for that post the following Monday lol.
Today is just one of those days that no matter what outfit I put on, no matter how I do my make-up, something just feels off. Don't y'all hate those days!? (or maybe I'm the only one that has them. pretty sure that time of the month has everything to do with it haha) I really wouldn't mind being at home painting my nails and relaxing for the day instead of working...lazy much? That in mind......I was inspired for today's post. I really wouldn't mind...
A really big assortment of chocolates

Being here..

Doing this..


or this..

finding this house for the price of a beginner home..

It being his inauguration..

instead of his..
having one of these..
or these..

witnessing an epic fail..
witnessing a random act of kindness..
watching him tonight on the Bachelor..

Today's going to be a great one. Mind over matter right? Here's to being excited for tonight's show and looking forward to cuddling with the hubbs.. Can't wait!
I hope everyone has a great Monday!! Especially since the majority of yall have it off woohoo!!!
XO Amanda


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