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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Beauty in Fitness

We all know that working out is good for our health. There are so so many different ways/reasons that working out (lifting weights and cardio) benefits our bodies, but today I wanted to focus on how being fit keeps us young.....It is the true natural fountain of youth!
While we're young, the cells in our body are constantly making mutations, and repairing themselves (which makes us look young) .  As we age, the number of mutations starts to outnumber the repairs being made (which makes us look older). That being said, the way we can help to slow down the process of aging is to keep our cells healthy......and the way we do that is by working out...and eating right!!
Think of facials ladies. The collagen in our skin looses its elasticity over time and doesn't repair itself as quickly which is why facials and other procedures like microdermabrasions are so great. They stimulate blood to flow to the skin which helps promote collagen regrowth.....a.k.a. preventing wrinkles!
Getting ready to hit the gym with my hubby!!


If we don't do anything with our bodies (Sedentary Lifestyle) between the ages of 25-50 the average male will loose 5 lbs of muscle.....which gets replaced by fat YUCK!!
Lifting weights creates a type of armour for your body. It strengthens your bones preventing Osteoporosis, and the muscle acts as a sheild to vital organs in case of an unexpected impact.
Working out releases endorphins throughout your body which makes you happy!! It relieves stress (which stress ages people super quick) and makes it easier to deal with trials in life.
Losing weight is 80% eating habits and 20%  working out.

Look at these fitness models all over the age of 40!!!


Idk about yall, but I want to look like this when I'm in my 40s!!! It's all about the habits we have now, so if needed, make changes and challenge yourself. I know I'm starting my change. I want to eat clean and push myself every time I'm at the gym. Make your time worth it!


Go to a cycle class this week with a friend or spouse. It's great cardio and tones up your legs and abs....really you feel it through your whole body! Eric and I are starting to go every Saturday morning, and we love it!!
XO Amanda


  1. Whenever I happen across your blog I always come away inspired.. Haha Thank you for taking the time to share!! :)

    1. Thank you so much for telling me that, it made my day!!!! You are so sweet!

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