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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tornadoes and Spa Wrap Giveaway!!!!!

I love southern weather, but it is the weirdest thing in the world! Yesterday it was 72 and sunny....the perfect day! Today it's pouring rain and tornado sirens are going crazy! What the random?? I've never been in a tornado, and fingers crossed hope to never experience it. I guess there will be tornado warnings all day until 4p.m. Oh fun :/

Kind of scared this will happen....
Ok...I am SOOOO excited for my very first giveaway!!!!!!! One of you very lucky readers will receive your very own pink minky spa wrap courtesy of AbbeyBedelia Etsy Shop!!
These beautiful and comfy spa wraps make it SUPER easy to get ready right after getting out of the shower. No more having to fight to hold the towel up while you blow dry your hair, or do your makeup! Secured by velcro over the bust line, getting ready for the day has never been easier! Basically no more trying to use a hair clip or bra to keep your towel up after you get out of the shower to get ready. The best part about these wraps, is the super soft material they're made out of!!!!
 For a limited time AbbeyBedelia is giving a 10% discount on the total purchase amount!! Check out the shop here or click the tab at the top of the page! These make beautiful gifts and are all shipped already wrapped and gift giving ready!!!

How to Enter?

1.To enter, you must be a follower of Carefreeblonde. (Click button join this site on the right side bar and follow the instructions. Email me at if you have any questions or problems doing so)
2. Share the giveaway on Facebook and/or Pinterest
3. Follow me on instagram @amandaohman2 and Pinterest (click here )
4. For extra entry share giveaway on instagram but make sure to tag me in it, so I can verify :)
Make a seperate comment for each step you do. Winner will be announced Tuesday Feb. 5th!!!!
***Winner will be chosen at random***


Good luck everyone!! I love these wraps! For a gift idea, I got each of my bridesmaids a spa wrap with nail polish in our wedding color, chocolate, and a card. You could also do a spa gift basket complete with spa wrap, bath fizz ball, and a candle. Just some fun thoughts!!
I hope everyone has an awesome hump day...Half way there!!!!
XO Amanda


  1. Choose me!!!!! I am a follower of the blog (both blogs actually - i like how you split them up!)

  2. #2. shared on both fb and pinterest

  3. #3. follow on Instagram & Pinterest - check

  4. #4. Instagram of giveaway - check!

  5. Haha It's looking REALLY good for her right now!! I guess no one else likes free stuff!!!


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