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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Anniversary Celebrations

Yesterday was Eric's and my one year mark of being married!!! We both had to work pretty late, so we started our celebration on Saturday!! We spent the day looking at paint colors and carpetfor the house we're closing on. Have y'all ever been in a paint store?....There is like 100 different shades of white! How in the world am I supposed to find the perfect shade for our house when they all are just slightly different from eachother!? We did actually end up finding our color scheme which I'll put up soon to get yalls thoughts and advice!!
Going to look at carpet!!
Later that night we went to the Cheesecake Factory in downtown Atlanta for dinner. The food is AMAZING there! I'm obsessed!! Every time we've gone lately we've both gotten the chicken and shrimp gumbo pasta..If you like a little spice, this is the thing to get!!! After Cheesecake we went and bought sheets for our new comforter that we got on Friday with some of our wedding money. It's so fun to start putting things together for your first home!!


Bed Bath and Beyond Comforter
When we had our open house in Georgia, the most amazing lady that catered the event told us on our one year anniversary she would make us a fresh cake topper so we could enjoy it together! What a sweetheart huh!? I really wanted a Key Lime cake and Eric wanted Red Velvet, so what does she do.....half and half best cake ever!!!!! I really think it weighed about 10lbs. There were six layers and between each was a yummy cream cheese frosting in either key lime or red velvet!!

So yummy and the richest cake I've had in a while!
Monday night after work Eric and I decided to have a more relaxed evening, so we went to Stevi B's Pizza Buffet and came home to try our real 1 yr old cake and watch Sean on the Bachelor. (It's become a monday night tradition with us) Notice on the pictures the ice crystals on top of the cake ;) It was so freezer burnt that the cake on the inside had shrunk, so when we cut in the icing caved in a bit lol!!!

Look at how the icing was crumbling away hahaha!
Eric right before trying our delicious one year old cake!
Not as yum as the fresh cake.. Not to worry though we packed it back up, stuck it in the freezer for next year!!! We decided every year we'd try a little bite on our anniversary each year......hahaha jk we tossed it after the first bite it was pretty bad.
My new shoes Eric got for me on our anniversary!!! I can't wait until it warms up just a teeny bit more so I can start wearing these!! I'm so excited!! We had gone to DSW about a month ago when I found these, and decided not to spend the money. He remembered how much I loved them, went back a month later, and got them for me....Lucky girl? Better believe it!!!!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Tuesday!!! This week is going to be a good one!!!
XO Amanda

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  1. Such a cute couple! That cake did look amazing...the new one that is! I can't wait to see your house pulled together with the new paint and to see your bedding in person! I know you get the keys on March 1st, so when do you plan on moving in? Once everything is done?


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