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Friday, February 1, 2013

Bikini Ready Abs

I'm going to apoligize ahead of time that a couple of the pictures are blury. I wanted to tell y'all about this AWESOME ab workout, and I knew it would be a little difficult without some pics :) What makes these workouts so great is that you have to keep your abs tight at all times to support your body weight that is hanging off the bench. When you do these moves on the ground, it makes it a little easier to rest when your legs/back touch the ground. It's all about pushing yourself just that much further!!
This first workout, you want your butt at the very end of the bench. Hold on to the sides of the bench by your head to keep yourself stable. Keeping your legs as straight as possible raise them at the same time. Lift your legs just below being pointed straight at the ceiling (like a 120 angle instead of 90 degree angle) You should feel the tension in your abs at all times, so if you feel them relax when your at the top, lower them a little bit to feel that tension. Lower your legs back to the starting position (pictured below)
I do these 12-16 times, and when my abs start to feel that "burn" I start from the top and slowly lower my legs down until I can't anymore. Go until failure!!
If you want to take it a little further, bring your legs to a 90 degree angle and then lift your butt off the bench like your trying to touch your toes to the ceiling. Lower your butt back to the bench with the legs at a 120 degree angle (make sure you constantly feel the tension in your abs). Repeat until you can't anymore. You should really be feeling the burn in your lower abs where girls tend to get the little pooch.
I LOVE this one. It's very similar to the Bosu Ball sit ups I posted here on the post "Ab and Booty Buster" The difference is that once again your abs are always tight because you are constantly supporting your body weight that is hanging off of the bench.
Start by sitting on the bench and wrapping your feet around the sides as pictured below. At first it feels a little awkward, but it will support you just fine. Make sure the top of your hip is on the edge of the bench so that the upper half of your body is completely off.
Do a side sit up to where your at the 120 degree angle again. (The reason I don't like going to where I'm completely up at a 90 degree angle is because you allow your body to rest when it should be in complete contact.) Lower your body back to starting position pictured above. I do about 12-16 for each side.

After I complete one set ( 12-16 of each) I will go over and do curls or tricep dips on the bench (super set) to allow my abs time to rest before I do the next set. I'll do 3-4 sets of the ab workouts (12-16 reps each)
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I hope everyone has an awesome Friday, and gets their booties to the gym!!! You'll be happy you did...Promise!
XO Amanda

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