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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Laser Treatments

I feel like everyone knows that skincare is super important. I talked about this a little bit in my post Face Time check it out for products I love, different types of procedures and the benefits of doing them. Today I wanted to focus on a couple of those procedures; the Pixel and 540 Laser treatments. This is my second time doing both of them and I LOVE the results so far!! Basically the combination of the two different lasers reverse sun damage, take away acne scars (after a few treatments), even out skin pigmentation, and shrink your pores!!
To prepare your skin for the laser treatments, don't tan for at least two weeks before, take off all skin makeup (mascara and eyeshadow are fine), drink lots of water, and I take an extra strenth advil before just to help the pain a little....I didn't take anything my first time, and it hurt a little, but it was bearable. To give you an idea of how it feels, the tech will first put a thick layer of gel on your face for the pixel laser and have covers over your eyes. She'll start going over your face in rows with the laser, and it feels like little rubberbands being snapped on your skin. LOL it sounds awesome right :/.. honestly its more of a shock from the little pop than it is painful, and you can't feel anything after, so no lingering pain. Now this Pixel lazer targets red pigmentation (sun damage and will lighten freckels).
The 540 laser is more resurfacing, and will help with wrinkles, and acne scars...This one is not so fun lol... The tech will take off all the gel to prep your skin for the 540 and start going over the face in rows like she did for the pixel. This one doesn't hurt at all while she goes over your skin, but after it burns pretty bad! The first time my skin was bright bright red, and felt like it was on fire lol!! The second time, it wasn't as red and still burnt, but NOTHING like it did the first time. You can put steroid cream on after to take away the burn and you'll be fine. After you finish doing the lazer treatment you'll notice that your skin is pretty tight, but it looks gorgeous! Your skin is all evened out, smooth, and has a pretty glow to it.
Before Photos
After Photos

Over the next few days I typically don't wear any foundation or skin make-up to let it breathe, your skin will start to peel a little bit. Any time I have peely skin or feel tight skin there are a couple things i'll do to add moisture and get all the dead skin off.
 #1 Exfoliate!!! After these laser treatments I don't want to use a lot of the chemicals that are in facial cleansers and etc, so I put warm water on my face to open the pores, and then get sugar and gently massage into my skin. The sugar will help exfoliate all the dead skin off without drying out your skin. #2 Moisturize!!! Depending on how dry my skin feels, I'll take a tiny bit of coconut oil and massage it into my face after I exfoliate. There are a TON of benefits for using coconut oil! Click here to see my post on a deep hair condition using coconut oil!! I did a lot of research online, and coconut oil can actually help with acne while moisturizing your skin!!
Some great places to get facial treatments done at:
(Utah) Aesthetica- 385 W 600 N Lindon, UT 84042
(801) 785-8884
(Georgia) Bella Derma-3900 Legacy Park Blvd Kennesaw, GA 30144(678) 797-0410
I've gone to both places listed above and loved what they've done!! Try it out and see how much your skin will benefit!!!
Have a great Thursday and check me out on instagram this weekend for our adventures in Florida!!!

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