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Monday, February 11, 2013

Life Lessons

This past weekend was so much fun! Eric's company Northwestern Mutual had it's annual south region convention in Orlando, Florida. They had some amazing speakers and lessons to help better them and motivate them in their field of work. What was so great about the meetings, was that although everything was aimed towards their jobs as financial advisors, I felt like I learned and grew SO much! I wanted to share a few life lessons that hit home for me this past weekend.
#1 Sometimes we go through trials so that we can help others
Friday morning Eric and I went to a Christian Fellowship breakfast where they had a retired major league pitcher who played for  the Seattle Mariners speak about how he came to accept Christ in his life, and his story made me tear up big time! He said it was his wife that first decided to bring christ in her life, and at first he thought she was crazy and wanted a divorce. Long story short he stayed for a bible study one day, and had a huge change of heart. Soon after accepting Christ, he and his wife adopted a little girl from another country. She was three yrs old, and when they brought her to him and his wife she was covered in dirt, mal-nurished, ratty hair, and sores on her skin. They gave her a bath and her very own pajamas for the first time in her life. He said she then crawled up in his lap and cuddled with him being the first father figure she's ever had. After this adoption years later, they found out that she had Lukemia and their son had a brain tumor and would have to have surgery.
Their little boy was scheduled for surgery about a week after his birthday, and on his birthday he had a baseball game that his dad was coaching. His dad (the speaker) could tell his boy was having an off day striking out and not pitching right. In the car on the way home he was trying to tell his boy that it was ok and that the next game would be better. His boy then said to him, "Daddy, I'm not sad about the game.....What if today is my last birthday?" His dad pulled the car over held his boy and cried. He asked us as an audience..."How do you answer that question?" A week later they went into surgery and while under, there were some complications and their little boy had a stroke. He came out and started going through extreme physical therapy. Their boy grew up and re-learned how to play baseball, and is now a pitcher for the Seattle Mariners.
Going back to the little girl, at 8yrs old her dad was laying with her in bed. By this point she was very ill and was only going downhill. She turned to her dad and said she wasn't ready to die yet. She said that she loved mommy and daddy too much, she wanted to get married and have kids, she wanted to experience life. Once again the speaker asked the audience what do you say to your little girl that's dying? He told her that sometimes Heavenly Father has such special children that he rewards them early and lets them go to heaven to be with him. One week later she passed away, and he had a dream that he was in a gorgeous field with mountains and blue skys. He saw his daughter who ran to him and squeezed his hand to take him to see jesus. She told him how wonderful it was in heaven, squeezed his hand and he woke up.
Such a sad story, but he was able to turn to Christ during all of this, and feel his love and be strengthened by it. I got to thinking about why sometimes bad things happen to good people like this family for example. They finally acccept Christ and then things seem to go from bad to worse.....But then I started thinking about how many people he was able to touch because of what he went through. He was on a stage infront of more than 1,000 people sharing his experience. There were probably a few people going through similar struggles that might not have had a great outlook on life because of it, but because of what he went through he was able to relate and uplift them.

 #2 What really matters in life
I don't know how many of you have read the book Tuesdays with Morrie, but it is such an inspirational true story about a young man who visits his old College professor on Tuesdays while he is on his death bed. Every Tuesday his professor teaches a new life lesson and what really matters in life. Instead of talking about the whole book, all I'll say is grab a copy because your perspective might just change.
Right after a meeting inside the hotel....yes this is all inside!!! It was GINORMOUS!!

#3 What's your sentence?
For me lately I feel like I've been trying to do a million different things, and for some reason it doesn't feel like much is getting done. There was a speaker that came out and said that we need to focus on doing one or two big things to be extremely successful. When we try to do everything, we aren't able to give our everything because we are stretched way too thin......which makes sense. How can we be extremely successful if we try too hard to do everything? They used Abraham Lincoln as an example. His sentence was...He preserved the union and freed the slaves. Two enormous tasks, but he devoted all of himself to those tasks. The speaker said no one of us will have a page....very few of us will have a paragraph......what will your sentence be? What are the couple of things that I want to dedicate myself to?

On the last day Eric and I went to Downtown Disney for lunch at Wolfgang Puck's Restaurant....Best Hamburger I've ever had!!!


Inside the hotel by the alligators!!! We got to see them feed them on Thurs before our dinner :/

Standing in front of the alligators!! The turtles liked crawling over them. I was supprised they didn't do anything to the turtles.
I hope everyone has an amazing beginning to their week, and are able to re-evaluate themselves to find what's most important in their lives.
XO Amanda


  1. Great blog post! I taught the lesson to the Beehives yesterday on "why we have adversity" and it's so true it makes us stronger. So sad about that guys little girl passing away, but I am sure he has strengthened so many people through his story. The hotel ya'll stayed in looks gorgeous! Jealous!!! What did you decide on those houses I was talking to you and Eric about?

  2. I know it was such a sad story I was holding back tears so my makeup didn't run lol! The hotel was AMAZING!! your dad has been there before and was telling us about it, so it was super fun. We're going to do a conference call with a lady that represents the houses, but we found one we're going to look at tonight that we might get instead.....fingers crossed!!!


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