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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Paisley Tops

Last night Eric and I looked at another house that was super cute!! We're putting a bid on it, but....we'll see what happens lol! Finding a home is such a crazy process. Stressful but I know as soon as we find what we're looking for, it's going to be the best feeling ever!! It's been really overcast and rainy here in Georgia, so I haven't had tons of opportunities to do fashion posts with the not so great lighting. Luckily for me, my sister Ashley has such a fun trendy style that I love, so I'm lucky to be showing her off to yall once again ;)
What I love about this outfit is first of all the top. I'm a paisley sucker, and I love how the pattern isn't too overbearing but gives something fun for the eye to look at. The drape in front of the shirt is perfect because it works just as great without a necklace as it would with. There are some shirts that just need the extra help of accessories, but this one could very easily go either way wich is perfect for layering!!! The mustard skinnies add a fun yet subtle pop of color to bring out the different shades in the shirt...LOVE! Speaking of layering this shirt would also be oh so super cute with an orange cardigan, denim, and brown boots for a warmer look!
(I also love this paisley top here)

Top: Nordstrom
Mustard Skinnies: Dillards

More Paisley Perfection and Inspiration:

I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!! Half way there!!!
XO Amanda

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