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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Quick Results Part 2: Fitness

I'm hoping after part one, everyone is now re-evaluating their eating habits!! Now the fun part....When in a swimsuit, there is very little hiding right? You are basically the closest you'll be to your birthday suit without actually being in your birthday suit ;) Have you noticed in magazines when it shows best and worst celebrities in swimsuits they always seem to focus on the back of their legs and the stomach area? These two areas in my opinion should be the focus when trying to get tone quickly for a beach vaca.(Not saying that arms are any less important. They are still super sexy to have, but when in an itty bitty bikini the booty, legs, and abs are main focus.)
I am going to talk about a couple workouts that are great for fast results as well as a beach worthy bod, but I want to really give tips and advice on how to get those results quickly and tricks which will be listed at the bottom.
#1 Legs
I don't think I've ever met a girl who wants saddle bags, but lets be honest we tend to carry our weight in our hips. Not so fun but cardio definately helps (Check out my Workout Session post for a great cadrio/cross fit workout!)along with inner and outer thigh workouts.
I love the machines below for my inner and outer thigh workouts. I add a little twist to what the girl pictured below is doing. See how her feet are placed on the two pegs? I put my toes on the peg closest to me, and then I lift my booty off the seat. My back is pushed against the back rest and my toes are on the closest peg while my booty hovers above the seat(this will help you feel the burn a little quicker). Hover just eoungh that your butt isn't touching the seat. You don't need to be standing straight up (I'll put up some photos of me doing it later to make more sense.) I put the weight to about 70lbs and squeeze my legs together until the pads on the inside of my knees touch. (Tip: Keep your abs tight to involve your core) I do this until I absolutely cannot touch them together anymore. I then drop the weight to 50lbs and do the same thing until I absolutely cannot touch the pads together. (This is called dropsetting)
Not my photo ;)
I do the exact same thing for my outer thighs. Same hovering position and weights, except you push the pads out instead of squeezing in. (Once again hovering will help you feel the burn more quickly and it also involves your core because there's a little bit of balancing involved.)
#2 Booty
Squats are amazing for toning up your legs quickly. I put up a youtube clip on by fitness post Ab and Booty Buster scroll down to the bottom to see the tutorial. Follow the directions exactly to get the most from your work out.
For an AMAZING booty workout  get a big workout ball at your gym, and put your upper back on the ball with legs at a 90 degree angle in front of you. (It's best to have the ball against a wall especially with the weight you'll be using) I used a 30 lb bar across my pelvic/lower stomach area and with both feet on the floor did 30 dips. Go as low as you can, and when coming up squeeze your glutes to the very top. After 30 I'll keep the weight on and hold for 30 seconds at starting position with legs at a 90 degree angle and booty tight. Stand up do lunges with bar on your shoulders, and then repeat butt dips with gym ball.
This is what the bar looked like. They have these on a rack at most gyms.
#3 Abs
Some of the best ab workouts in my opinion are in my Ab and Booty Buster and Bikini Ready Abs posts. Check them out and work them into your current routine.
Tips and Tricks
1. Ok First and biggest tip I can give is pushing past failure. It is when you push past what you want to do that you get the best results. A general rule for myself is as soon as I feel like I'm about to die like I can't do any more. I tell myself four more. By this point my muscles are burning and I want to stop but I push for four more. You won't get results if you don't push
2. Trick....Have you ever heard your parents say not to push your belly out to make it look big because it stretches out your stomach? Well same idea goes for holding in your stomach...It will tighten it over time and get you in the habit of not letting your belly hang out. While your sitting at work, school, or even running errands, tighten your stomach and hold it in for an all day workout and better posture. It will make you look thinner from the get go, and help with tightening your abs! (I'm not saying to suck it in so it looks like you have a dip where your stomach is supposed to be, just hold it in and keep it tight!)
3. During any workout you do keep your abs tight and make sure to breathe. This will help prevent you from getting light headed. Whenever you push the weight that is when you should breathe out. Breathe in when going back to starting position, and breath out when pushing/resisting the weight
4. Trick...So girls are more prone to cellulite than guys which sucks a big one! Cellulite is small fat deposits that usually are most visible on the butt and thighs. It doesn't matter how skinny you are, you can still have cellulite. People that eat a lot of salty fatty foods are at higher risk, as well as those that wear super tight pants b/c it cuts off blood circulation. I did a little reasearch, and there were some tests and studies done where people used caffinated ground up coffee beans and massaged them into the back of their legs. The caffeine was said to stimulate blood flow as well as the massage to break up the fat deposits. I don't have a lot of time nor patience to deal with a mess of coffe beans in my tub..That being said, whenever I'm in the shower i take a tough lufa sponge and scrub the back of my legs in a massaging type of motion. The scrubbing I feel still stimulates blood flow (which aids in breaking up cellulite) and the massage helps it along as well. I've noticed a difference, so its worth trying out so we're not self concious about having cottage cheese on the beaches ;)
I hope these tips and tricks along with new workout ideas are helpful. Let me know if it was helpful to you. I love reading your comments and emails!!! I know I want to have a tone lean body for spring break and part 1 and 2 are my absolute go-tos for fast results!
XO Amanda

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