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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sexy Arms and Shoulders

As long as I can remember, I've had probably the boneist shoulders EVER! Some of you might be thinking LUCKY!! or idk why she'd complain about that, but to be honest I was kinda self concious about it lol. In high school I was muscular from my abs down, but never had that much upper body strength.....I was one of those girls that thought if I lifted weights, I'd end up looking like a female...male. You know the ones that are in body building competitions all sterioded up? That being said I would lift little to no weight for my upper body.
Looking back I think how retarded that thought process was...Some of the most gorgeous women I've seen, have amazing arm definition. They are tight and toned, not crazy huge! They are still thin and have a womenly figure but have great definition. Hmmm.....maybe if I lift weights I won't turn into the Hulk....maybe just maybe I'll get rid of my boney shoulders and have sexy arms like these other women!!!
For those that go to the gym you will probably agree that you like working out certain areas of your body when you start to notice change or definition, and let me just say that I'm now addicted to working out my shoulders and upper body!! WOOHOO!! It's the coolest thing when your boney shoulders start rounding from muscle definition and you can start to see a line where your shoulder and bicep meet!! That being said, I wanted to share a few workouts that have made me appreciate upper body weight lifting a lot more!!!
#1 Seated Shoulder Press
Right now I'm using 20lb. dumbells, but if you're just first starting out, I'd start with 10 or 15lbs, and go from there. Sit in an upright position, and bring your arms up at a 90degree angle (like pictured left) and raise arms straight in the air. Bring back down to a 90degree angle and repeat. (Tip: keep your abs tight to not hurt your back) Do as many reps as you can. A good way to judge if you need heavier weight is if you can get 14-16...with no problem. As soon as you start to feel that burn....try to get 4 more. Going past failure, is when you'll get the best results. Obviously listen to your body, you don't want to injure yourself ;)
#2 Standing Military Bar Press
Grab a bar with weight on it. I'm using the 30lb here, but as stated above, do lighter weight if needed. Make sure your arms are equally spaced out. There should be hash marks on the bar where you can put your pointer or middle fingers to make sure weight is evenly distributed. Start with bar at chest level, and raise straight above your head. (Tip: don't lock out your arms when lifting in the air, keep a slight bend.) As noted above, push until you start feeling that burn like you can't do any more, and then try for four more. Push past can do it!! Alternate your hand position from palms facing you as pictured below to palms facing away to work different parts of your shoulder.
P.S. sorry for the blurry pics and funny faces I'm really working out here so the pics are as I'm moving lol ;)

#3 Side and Front Shoulder Raises
I'm using 10lbs. below for this workout. There are two different ways to do the side shoulder raise. #1 is pictured below with elbows bent, and # 2 is the same thing but with your arms straight by your side. #1 is a little easier on your joints (which sometimes hurt me so I use this method often) The trick with doing this work out with your arms bent is you want to try and keep your hands in the same place, so you just want to raise your elbows and twist your wrist like pictured on the right. If you bring your hands out when you raise your elbows, you won't feel it as well in your shoulders. If doing #2, Start with arms straight by your side, and raise to shoulder level to make a "T" lower arms back down to your side and repeat.

For Front Shoulder Raises, you'll be doing the same thing you are for side raises....except you are lifting straight in front of you.

After every set of shoulder workouts I do (i.e. one of the workouts above) I'll superset with a different muscle group like my triceps pictured below....I do this for a couple reasons #1 No one wants their arms to wave like the American Flag right? and #2 If you just do shoulder workouts right after another instead of doing a different muscle group, you'll wear yourself out A LOT quicker. Try it.. It's kind of cool. After doing one set of shoulders, try a tricep or bicep workout, and then go back to another shoulder workout. You'll have more energy and not feel as fatigued in that area.....Does that make sense?

 Feel free to email me at or comment below with any questions or comments on workouts you love!!
I hope everyone has a fantastic Tuesday and gets their booty to the gym!! Ladies don't be scared to lift weights, you won't turn out looking like a man I promise!!
XO Amanda


  1. I love your workout posts! Have you made work out calendars yet? If not.. you should!

    1. Thank you!!! I'm so happy you like reading them, that makes me feel awesome!!Work out calenders like schedules for people? because that would be kinda fun!!!

  2. Go sexy arm Amanda! I didn't use to work out my arms that much either when I was in high school, and the past 3 plus years I have been obsessed with my arms. I want them to look good always. ps- You are looking HOT!

    1. Thank you Stacie I'm just trying to keep up with you lol!!!


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