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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Spa Wrap Giveaway Winner!!!

Friday I had a lazer treatment done to my face, which made me feel completely out of it and lazy the rest of the weekend!.....and beginning of monday hense no post :/ BUT I'll be posting details about the procedure, pros, cons, etc. tomorrow, so make sure to look out for that post!
Thursday Eric and I are flying out to Orlando Florida for a Regional meeting for his work!! SO excited!!! We're staying at a gorgeous resort/convention center until Saturday, and going to try and hit up Disney World woot woot!!! I'm so excited for this mini vacation! He'll have meetings to go to, but I'll probably just lay out by the pool and then instagram about it...not even upset about that ;) follow me on instagram (amandaohman2) for our adventures this week!

And the winner for the Spa Wrap Giveaway is......
Make sure you email me with your address at to claim your prize!!!

Sorry about the short post today, it's just been super crazy with dr appts., planning a baby shower, getting ready for this weekend, and work!! Tomorrow's post will be super interesting though, so make sure to check it out!!!

Have a great Tuesday!!!

XO Amanda

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