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Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Date Night!

I hope everyone had an amazing valentines day! My two little sisters were so excited yesterday that they got to bring airhead and scooby doo valentines to school. I loved the days where you'd make your mailbox for valentines and spend the whole day eating treats and handing out valentines. Life changes just a bit lol!
Last night was so much fun! Eric and I went on a valentines date and it was a blast! We went to Stevi-Bs for a pizza buffet and then to the movies to watch Safe Haven. Haha he was such a good sport about going to a major chick flick movie with me! There were a couple times I'd look over at him, and he would either be asleep or staring at the screen like are you joking me....haha I love him for humoring his cheesy wife!!......K ladies it was so good!! I loved it and would watch it again. It's been a while since I've seen a good chick flick and this was definately one of them! I would recommend watching it if not with your sweety then with your girls for sure!
Super short post today, but I have a million and a half things going on right now. We might be getting a house in the next week or so!! Our real-estate agent just called me a little bit ago about it so I'm super excited!!! Ready to start putting up DIY projects for the house on the blog!! Keep and eye out for a post coming up on how to get quick results just in time for spring break!!!
I hope everyone has an amazing weekend filled with chick flicks, popcorn, and good friends to see it with!!
XO Amanda

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