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Friday, March 22, 2013

Five Favorite: Spring Hair Trends

1. Bows
 They add such a feminine touch to every hair style. Try it under a bun or with your hair half up.
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2. Preppy Ponytail
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Check out Lemons&Lace for some super cute trendy ones right now!
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4. Beach Waves
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5. No Heat Pretty Mess

Spring/Summer is the perfect time for no heat hairstyles!
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Yay for FRIDAY!!! It's about time!! I'm excited to try all of these fun hairstyles this spring. Send me pics of how you incorporate these styles into your everyday look!! I love hearing from all of you.
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P.S. We finally started tearing and repairing the house Eric and I just bought!!! Yay for new paint and carpet!

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! Ours will be spent tearing down wallpaper and cleaning our house...kinda a bitter sweet but I'm soooooo excited for the before and after photos!! Stay Tuned ;)
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  1. love all of those hairstyles!! seriously :) hair envy like crazy right now!

    1. I know right!? I'm completely in LOVE with allllllll of them!! Let me know if you try any of them out!!


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