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Monday, March 11, 2013

Good News and Maxi Skirts

Today I got the BEST news ever!!! To make a long story short we've been working on our taxes for the last little while, and because we were independant contractors for a company we worked for, we thought we were going to have to owe a BIG chunk when taxes rolled around. Anyways I just found out this morning that not only are we going to owe a tiny fraction of what we thought for Federal........we're even getting some back from the state!!! I feel extremely blessed with this news especially because we're closing on our home this Friday!! Now we have some of what we set aside for taxes to help us out that much more!! .....Great start for a Monday.
This outfit was what I wore on Sunday to church and I got lots of compliments on the maxi skirt. I am in LOVE with this  thing. It fits perfectly, and feels like I'm in my comfy pajamas...I got it from Target for $20. Hurry and grab one before they run out!! The thing I was most excited about with this skirt was how long it was!! I mean I will always find these super cute maxi skirts that are short on me, and it drives me crazy. I mean can't really call it a maxi skirt when it's above your ankles, so you can imagine how excited I was when I found one that fit right!!
There are so many different ways to wear a maxi skirt. You can dress it up with heels like below, layer it with a cardi and a scarf, and for the soon to be warm weather a bright t-shirt with flats or sandals for a more breezy boho look.

 Top: Wet Seal
Skirt: Target
Belt: Franchescas
Gold and Black Necklace: Forever21
Silver and black necklace: Made by me
Shoes: Tahari

Tonight is the final episode of The Bachelor!! I'm super bummed it isn't Ashley.....She was definitely my pick but oh well!

XO Amanda

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