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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How To: Get Rid of Rough Dry Skin on Your Arms and Legs

I love the way Bath and Body Works lotions and soaps smell! The only problem...and please let me know if I'm the only one that feels this that for me its like the better smelling the lotion is, the dryer my skin feels like an hour after I put it on! Kinda defeats the purpose ya know? I mean that's the whole reason I used lotion in the first place. If I just wanted to smell good I'd put deodorant on and squirt some perfume. (Which I do on a daily basis stinky armpits for me!!)
As girls for some reason we tend to get dry or rough skin on the back of our upper arms.Why is that?? Better question how can we keep it away!?
To answer those questions, first there is a skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris a.k.a. "Chicken Skin" or dry skin that is mainly found on the upper outer arm and can also be found on the upper thigh and butt area. It's completely harmless and usually is worse when it's cold outside and there is little humidity. It's no big deal so don't get scared or think you have some crazy disease if you have these symptoms. According to 40-50% of adults have it and 50-80% of adolescents have it.
Enough with the boring facts right? I just want to know how in the poop do I make it go away!? There are a few things that I have found work amazingly for me that I felt I needed to share. One of the things my husband said when we first started dating was that he liked that my arms were soft and not bumpy like a lot of other people's lol.....That was great motivation for me to keep them silky soft, and this is what I do....
#1 Every time I'm in the shower I SCRUB my upper arms, legs, and anywhere that tends to get dry. I'm not talking slow gentle circles....I SCRUB it! I use a rough lufa to really exfoliate those areas. (Bonus: The scrubbing will promote blood flow which breaks up fat deposits....liiiiiike cellulite!)
#2 After I get out of the shower I apply a thick non scented cream.....I've concluded that the smell good stuff drys me right back out. I either use Avon's Moisture Therapy Hand Cream (You can buy from you local Avon rep), or my absolute favorite and least expensive is my mom's Homemade Body Cream click on the link to get her recipe. This cream is unreal and lasts a long time. With both of these products, a little goes a long way so don't grab a glob. You don't want to be a grease monkey!
Homemade Body cream
Leave the cream on throughout the day or night, and then feel how smooth your arms are. The key to all of this is moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!
I hope everyone has a great Tuesday.

XO Amanda

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