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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How To: Make at Home Manicures Last

I love love love getting my nails done. Really who doesn't right? I mean they massage, scrub and exfoliate, moisturize, and the best part of all....the paint lasts a loooong time!! I've always wondered how the nail techs got the polish to stay so long. I mean... even if I used the exact same nail polish, and did a clear coat it would end up chipping the next day. One of my BIG pet peeves is chipped nails, dumb I know, but it really drives me crazy!
It wasn't until I talked with this fabulous mom I go to church with that I found out the salon secrets... She really is amazing. This lady used to be a Falcon's Cheerleader, a professional dancer on a cruise line, took nail classes in high school, and now currently homeschools her children while promoting her son's acting career....(He was most recently in the movie Looper with Bruce Willis!) Anyways.... I was talking to her about how annoyed I was that my nails always chip, and she gave me the following tips that have changed my at home manis and pedis for good.
1. Nail Polish Remover (I use Adios)
2.Nail Clippers
3. A Nail file and buffer (One pictured below is from Target)
4. Cuticle oil (I am in love with Julep's Cutical Essential Oil )
5. Your choice of nail polish
6. A clear top coat nail polish (I'm using Barielle UV Glaze Top Coat on sale for $7.99)
7. I wanted to add a little glitter for this mani, so I used one of Julep's Glitter Pots
 After you remove your current nail polish and trim your nails to desired length, buff your nails. This is probably the most important step. If you notice at the nail salon, every time they do a manicure, they will buff the nails before applying the nail polish. Buffing your nails will give the nail polish a smoother surface (so you won't see ridges), and it gives the polish something to cling on to. Without fail whenever I skip buffing, my nails will chip within a day or buff!
When applying your first coat of polish you want to do one swipe down the middle of the nail and then one swipe on either side. This prevents uneven and gloppy application. (Tip:To make sure I don't get too much nail polish on the brush, after dipping the brush in the bottle, I'll slowly drag it against one side of the opening to get off excess polish) Wait for the first coat to completely dry before applying the second coat. If your nails are still tacky when you apply the second coat, they take much longer to dry and smudge a lot easier!!
 If you are adding glitter or something like that to your manicure, do this while applying the second coat. For example, In this mani I used Julep's Glitter Pots, so I would paint one nail using the three swipe method described above then take a small brush with the loose glitter and gently pat it on top of the wet nail polish (make sure there is enough glitter on the brush so the actual brush doesn't touch the wet nail). Shake off excess glitter and allow to dry completely.
Once dried apply two coats of your clear top coat and allow to dry. (Tip: to speed up drying process, put your nails under cold running water) Once top coat has completely dried, I put a little bit of the cuticle oil on each nail and massage it in. It is important to keep your nail beds hydrated and nourished to they don't become brittle.

Enjoy your new Manicure!!
Tip: If using the gel nail polish, once gel has set and dried take a cotton ball with rubbing alchohol on it and swipe over nails. This will give it that shiny finished look. If you don't do this, sometimes the gel can feel a little tacky.

I am in love with this essential cuticle oil by Julep. It smells amazing and has important vitamins and minerals like Vitamin E needed to condition and strenthen your nails.

Tip: How can you tell if your nails are really dry? Touch the tip of your tongue to the nail polish. If you can taste anything it is not dry yet. Don't worry no nail polish will come off on your tongue....I do this all the time!

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I hope everyone has a great Wednesday. Half way THERE!!!

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