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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Plank and Pre-Workout

I know that bikini season is on the horizon, and I've given y'all some AWESOME workouts to get you in top shape that I use all the time. You can view them hereherehere, & here. I have some more fitness related posts that you can look up, but these focus on the areas that need to be especially toned when strutting your itty bitty teeny weeny yellow polk a dot bikini ;)

In addition to those fitness routines, I wanted to give y'all another ab workout to add to your arsenal as well as what I do pre and post workout for best results!!

As of lately there have been some studies that have come out saying that regular crunches and sit-ups don't do as much as we thought they did. On top of that, they're saying that crunches and sit-ups are pretty hard on your back. (Personally I still do sit-ups and crunches mixed with other ab workouts....but that's just me) A great replacement if your having back issues...(or to add on top of sit-ups like I do) is the plank. 

When in the plank position, you really want to make sure that your donkey booty(Real Housewives of Atlanta reference) isn't sticking way up in the air, and that your back isn't caving in towards the ground. Keep your abs tight by drawing your belly button towards your back. Keep your feet close together,   palms down, and have the crown of your head pointing forward(don't hang your head). Hold this position for 1 minute, then stretch your stomach muscles by doing the cobra yoga pose.

Let's take it up a notch... Get back into the plank position for this next workout I LOVE!!! Once in plank position start dipping your hips side to side coming close to the ground but not touching it like pictured below. These will help with the love handles/spare tire! Make sure to keep abs tight and your back from drooping towards the floor!! Do this 10 times on each side(or whatever you can do even if it's 5 each side). After the  tenth side dip, get back into plank position. From here with elbows still on the ground, push your butt in the air kind of like you are going into Downward Dog...(but with your elbows still on the ground), and then back to plank position. Do this 10 times as well, pushing your butt back and in the air, and then returning to plank. Alternate doing the side dips and elbow upward dog plank combo. I promise you will feel the burn!! You'll also start to notice that your arms and shoulders will start burning as well. How's that for a double  whammy!? 

The trick to plank and any ab workout is to keep your core tight and flexed. Feeling the burn is a good thing don't stop! It just means it's working, and your that much closer to your dream bod!! ;)I know that was really long winded, but with fitness posts I try to be as detailed as possible for y'all. 

Before I workout I try not to eat for at least two hours priar...I do this because if you eat right before going to the gym, all your blood is focused on digesting your food rather than rushing to your muscles that you're working. Does that make sense? If you're just starving grab a banana, and that's perfect! Right before I head off to the gym, I put half a scoop of Black Powder into a water bottle that is about 1/3 full (so not a lot of water) and shake. Black Powder is a pre workout that improves your performance a ton! I use it daily, but it's also great on those days that you feel like you're dragging yourself to the gym. It gives you a lot of energy without the crash that energy drinks give you. My husband uses this too and uses a full scoop, so if you're looking for something for you and your hubs this is it!! You can purchase Black Powder here. I'll use it every time I go to the gym for two months, then cycle off for one or two weeks so your body doesn't get used to it or become dependent. 

After the gym, I don't do protein all the time, but if I do I LOVE Muscle Milk. You can buy individual protein shakes in a pack of four from your grocery store. I usually eat something light like an egg (protein) or a bowl of cereal. Nothing super crazy but no doughnuts or cupcakes. You don't want to ruin the awesome things you just did for your body!

I hope everyone has a great Thursday! Let me know if you are thinking about getting some Black Powder. I highly suggest it!! Please don't hesitate to comment below or email me at with any questions or comments!

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  1. I just came to your blog from fashion by mariah, and I am so glad I did. I am looking to tone up and I am betting your posts are going to help! Thank you!

  2. Cayli, thank you so much for your comment!! I'm glad you came across my page as well! I love doing the workouts that I've posted. They've given me great results, and I can't wait for you to exprerience the same thing! Let me know if you have any questions about any of the workouts/tips.

  3. Hi Amanda, I like your plank exercise and will implemented in my ab workout routine. The love handles and the lower abs are the hardest to tone up. Do you also offer any other nutritional advice?



    1. I'm so glad you're going to try them out. I LOVE them!!! You're right the love handles are a beast lol!! I have a few posts that talk a little about nutrition, but I'm going to be putting more up in the near future. Check out this post I did on nutrition.

  4. This is why I want to explain how to eat for after cardio workouts, and how to eat after weight lifting workouts. Whichever one you perform, I'll give you tips for each different workout method.bodyboss 2.0 reviews


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