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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Posture and Back Workouts

I feel like it's been a while since  I've put up a workout post....How many of you out there need to work on your posture? I know I do!! It's such a horrible habbit that I've developed, where when I relax I kind of let my shoulders slump forward a little bit. That's not very sexy. I mean how many Victoria Secret Models do you see slouching....none. period. It is now a daily effort for me to conciously remind myself to pull my shoulders back. I have been getting better (in my opinion), but it still is a work in progress.
When you strengthen your back, it helps pull your shoulders back making it a little easier to have good posture. Without getting too off topic, focusing on your core and doing yoga will both compliment  the back workouts to give you better posture and all around fitness. These back workouts below have really helped me with my posture, and overall fitness. (I'm not a trainer or a professional, these are techniques I've found work best for me).

#1 Lat Cable Pull Downs
Grab the bar making sure hands are equally spaced (I find where the bar curves and match my hands according to that.) Sit down and make sure legs are secure under padded bar. Slightly lean back like you are trying to point your chest towards the ceiling. Your back should have a slight inward curvature. Pull the bar straight down while exhaling, until your arms are at a 90degree angle. ( I use my chin as a guide) If you pull down past that, you'll mainly be working out your triceps instead of your back. Squeeze your middle back together as you pull down, and then breathe in as you go back to starting position with hands above your head. Start at whatever weight is comfortable for you, but always push yourself!!! I'll do these at 70lbs about 12 reps. I'll do that two times and then drop set to 55 lbs for the third. The third time I go until I can't pull down anymore.You may be able to do more or less, but as soon as you feel like you can't do anymore, take some weight off and go until you can't.

#2 Seated Back Row
You can also do these on the cable machines. I like to switch it up every once in a while. Adjust the seat to your comfort level. There is a pad in the pictures below that you can't really see, but it is up against my chest for support. You really want to make sure that you try to stay up against the pad as you pull back.Once again make sure you keep your hands equally spaced out. Pull back keeping your elbows up. Squeeze your back together and breath in each time you pull back, exhale as you release. Like with the Lat Pulldown above, find a weight that's comfortable. It shouldn't be easy. You really should feel a burn in your upper middle back and a little bit in your traps. Push yourself until you can't pull back anymore....then drop set ;) Are you seeing a pattern?

#3 Lower Middle Back
This last workout feels really good. It targets your lower middle back, and basically all you do is set your weight, make sure your legs are slightly bent, and extend your back. As you come back to starting position, keep your back straight to avoid injuries. Push, push, push yourself.

Our natural reaction to pain is to stop whatever it is that we are doing in that moment that is causing the discomfort. When your mind starts telling you to stop, and you want to give up because it's uncomfortable, that is when you need to push the most. I don't know anyone that has an awesome body that stopped pushing as soon as they started to feel uncomfortable. Sometimes I feel light headed or nauseas when I push really hard. At those times I'll take a break and then start again. Make sure you breathe and take your time. It's normal to feel a little discomfort, but you know your body more than anyone else, so make sure you listen to it.

I will be posting more back workouts soon. I just wanted to give yall a couple to get started with and feel comfortable doing. At first I was really hesitant to do weights or machines at the gym because I didn't know what I was doing, but now I LOVE it!!. I hope that these workouts help those of you that know the feeling of shying away from weights, or for anyone looking for new ways to workout. Either way e-mail or comment below with any questions or comments!!!

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!

XO Amanda

P.S. The bachelor's proposal last night was the cutest!!!! 


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