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Friday, March 1, 2013

Potential Home Colors!!

I'm not going to even lie. Today I am exhausted!! I worked 12 hours yesterday between both jobs (hense the lack of a post), and basically I'm already dreaming of my 11:00 in the morning lol!! Eric and I are getting closer and closer to being able to redo our house. We close on the 15th, and will start painting and ripping up carpet on the 20th!!! I found the colors we're going to be using and wanted to get your yays or nays on them :)
After every paint picture, I'll put up the pictures of the rooms it will be in. I have to appoligize for the photos of the house. These are just the photos from the real estate site. As soon as we move in the befores and afters will be much better promise!!......
Pavillion Beige 7512 (Source)
We're wanting to use Pavillion Beige  above as our entry way color, living room, and upstairs hallway color. We're going to keep all the trim white so it will look somewhat like the picture above :)

Pussywillow 7643 (Source)
The grey above and below look pretty similar, but next to eachother you can see the difference (Pussywillow is just a little lighter) :) In the dining room we have a white chair rail and we we're thinking of doing the bottom half Pavestone (pic below) and the top half Pussywillow (above). We are also wanting to use Pussywillow as the color in the master bath.

Pavestone 7642 (Source)


The kitchen has crazy wallpaper that is going to be a biznatch to take down, but underneath the cabinets is an awesome backsplash with white tiles and a charcoal accent tile.....In the pic it kind of blends in with the "awesome" wall paper, but we're going to paint that the Pavestone grey to make the white cabinets and black granite counter pop!!

Collonade Gray 7641 (Source)

We didn't want to put white white on the ceilings over the kitchen and living room because it looked a little harsh, so we found Collonade Gray (above) which blended perfectly with the Pavestone and Pavillion Beige! We are going to use Collonade on the ceilings and all over the master bedroom leaving the white trim. We just got a dark oak bed with a grey and blue comforter, so I thought this would look great!!

Tiki Hut 7509 (Source)

The half bathroom downstairs has this awesome emerald 1900 style wallpaper on it ;) as great as it is having the wall look like grass we thought Tiki Hut would be a perfect warm color against the white facilities.

Adrift 7608 (Source)
With all the neutrals and warm colors, I really wanted a pop of color somewhere.....(Ignore the crib this isn't a hint of ANY kind lol) One look at Adrift and I knew it would be perfect in the laundry room and upstairs bath. I want to do a spa type feel with clear glass and white soaps and linens. I think it would just look so fresh!!!
Let me know your thoughts, tips, and advice!! I love hearing from yall so let me know whatcha think!! Haha did you see the random guy in the pic of the master bath lol it took me off guard when I first saw it!! All of the paint colors can be found at your local Sherwin Williams they have some amazing stuff there.
I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!! I'm going to my cycle class tomorrow morning, and then Eric and I are going to look for a mattress and I have NO idea where to even start! Follow me on Instagram (@amandaohman2) to see my fun adventures!
XO Amanda

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