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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weekend Photo Diary & Blog Update!

Have y'all noticed my amazing new blog Facelift!? I am so in love with my blog's new look thanks to  my good friend Mariah from Fashion By Mariah. She is now doing Blog design for a really good price, and is super talented!! You can probably tell by her posts that she has a great eye for style and is up on all the trends. Make sure you visit her page to get details for your own blog Facelift!! ...(TOP SECRET!)... Rumor has it that she might be doing a giveaway in the future for a FREE blog design!! Keep an eye out for that, and I'll make sure to keep y'all posted as well.

Yesterday I had my weekend photo diary all typed up, and then for some reason my email started acting up and I couldn't put any of my photos for a belated weekend photo diary... This weekend was amazing. A little hectic and stressful at times but an awesome weekend overall. Long story short Friday I had to miss my dr. appt to meet our mortgage guy at the IRS building to get a document so that we could close on our house that same day. As soon as I got there, all the systems went down and they didn't know when they'd be back up. We thought we'd have to postpone the closing, but by some miracle our mortgage company was able to pull it off.......and now Eric and I are HOMEOWNERS!!!!!

Later that night we went to the historic Fox Theatre (where Gone With the Wind premiered) and watched the Million Dollar Quartet. It was a story about how Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins all got together one night for a jam session and it ended up being recorded. The actors were INCREDIBLE, and they all did an awesome job with the music. If you have a chance I would definately go see it again!

I ended up going to an insta clinic for my prescription refill since I missed my Dr. appointment...Such a busy day!!

Fox Theatre in downtown Atlanta

I hope everyone has an awesome Tuesday. Make sure you check out Mariah's blog to see how you can get your very own blog facelift. I promise you won't be mad you did ;)

XO Amanda

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