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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

At Home Workouts

Today's topic goes out to everyone that could care less for a sweaty stinky gym where everyone flexes in the mirror and awkwardly stares at you. I mean lets face it. It can sometimes be kind of really awkward when you're doing a workout that involves bending over, and you feel your booty burning from all the eyes!.....Or if you're like me, there are just some days when life happens and getting to the gym just isn't going to work that day.

I'm sure most of you have heard of Beach Body, but if not click here They are the makers of P90X, Brazilian Buttlift, Insanity, great meal replacements, and much more. This company is seriously the Arnold  Schwarzenegger of Home workouts. I've tried both the Brazilian Buttlift workout, and currently own P90X. For my girls out there that have lost their booties (i.e. child birth and etc)....or are just working on getting a plump derriere you NEED to get on the Brazilian Buttlift workout. Have you seen Brazilians in swimsuits!?.... Need I say more? (Disclaimer: not talking leopard speedo, gold chained, greased up status) It's a fun workout with upbeat music and instructor who calls your booty your boom boom. Click here to watch parts of the workout. I LOVE it!!You'll notice a lot of the sections in this dvd involve squatting motions. (Tip: One of the most important types of workouts for your butt and upper thighs is squats. Make sure you incorporate them into your workout routine)


P90X is definitely made for both men and women..(which is great for the fellas out there) Each workout lasts about an hour, and I promise you will be sweating up a storm once you've completed one workout. The program comes with a meal plan to guarantee your transformation in 90 days. A really good friend of mine completed the 90 day challenge, and it changed his life! He's now a coach for Beach Body and has had amazing experiences because of it.  If you're interested in becoming a trained coach click here

Check out his blog to see his story.
P90X is awesome don't get me wrong, but sometimes the reason we didn't go to the gym that day was because of time. What if you don't have time for an hour long workout? Moms.....can you really get an hour away from the little ones at home?? Problem....Solution there is a new workout coming this June (you're one of the first to know!! That's always exciting right!?) T25 is a 25minute long workout. 25 MINUTES!!!! It's going to be a high pace high intensity workout that lasts 25 minutes. I mean if you're going to workout for 25minutes it BETTER be high intensity! With working two jobs right now, I can't tell you how excited I am for this workout to come out!! Not going to lie finding time for the gym between working two jobs and moving into our home is not easy! For these type of days T25 will be perfect!! Click here for a sneak peak!!!

I hope everyone had an amazing Easter weekend! We spent ours moving into our home (updated pics coming soon) and had a yummy dinner with Eric's parents, my brother and sister-in-law and their adorable kids. Have an awesome Tuesday and check out The Beach Body Challenge to see how you can transform your life like Jay did!! Let me know if you currently are using any of the above products and your thoughts on them!!

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  1. I'm definitely not a gym girl, as we talked about so I really like this post. I'm currently doing ripped in 30 and 30 day shred by Jillian Michaels 4 times a week and Zumba for 90 min, three days a week. I love the Jillian workouts because they are 20 min, so it fits right into my crazy schedule. I bring two of my kids to my Monday Zumba class and then go at nights the other two times. It has kept me in pretty good shape and is oh so fun, but does not consume my life. I'm excited to try that new workout. I'm always looking for quick workouts to change it up a bit. I've also been getting into crossfit lately and will probably start that in the near future. Sorry this is a book, had fun with ya'll last weekend :)

    1. Oooo I'll have to try ripped...the name just sounds awesome lol!! Let me know how crossfit goes. Eric and I have been talking about getting into it

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    1. Thanks Whit I love yours too! You're a great writer

  3. I love turbo fire and chalene extreme and I used to drink shakeology. Love beach body! My sister just became a coach.

    Hey I am having two giveaways on my blog come check them out and enter!

    1. I've been debating trying shakeology. Did you notice a huge difference or love it? That's awesome she's a coach! It's a great way to keep yourself in tip top shape lol!!


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