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Friday, April 5, 2013

Five Favorite: Etsy Shops

I know these past couple weeks my posts have been a little patchy and this week a total of one awesome home workout post!! Between work and moving in, my mind has been on overload, and I just needed a little Hiatis. Starting Monday, y'all can expect the posts to be back in full swing! Until then....Five Favorites today featuring my recent favorite etsy shops!!!

Whoever came up with Etsy is probably the smartest person ever! I mean there are so many talented people that have amazing ideas and products to share. Here are my favorite pieces from each of the five shops that I am totally crushing over.
1.Holly Lauren
This jewlery shop is the perfect amount of feminine and edge. I love how she mixes the use of metals, beads, and stones. (Being from Texas/South in general I have an obsession with tourquoise!!) This bracelet would be perfect for Spring/Summer, and don't you absolutely love how it looks with other bracelets!? Love this arm candy!!
Get it for $32 here.

2. The Carbon Crusador
Every girl needs some cute pencils for their desk or "home station" You can't get much better than pretty pastels and uplifting thoughts. Add pencils in a cute container on top of your desk for a finishing touch! (Eric and my father in law are picking up a desk for me this weekend. I'm SOOOO excited!!!)
Get it for $4-$8 here

 3. Kei Jewelry
It was hard for me to pick a favorite picture from this etsy shop. They have so many great pieces for layering that also work great by themselves!! With the tribal pattern so big right now you need to check this site out for their adorable take on the arrow head. I'm in love.
Get it (Gold Arrowhead Necklace) for $52 here.

4. Kspeddler (Words To Live By)
I'm pretty sure I got my love for signs from my mom. There is one in every room in her house and I love it! I came across this one, and I think it would be the most adorable addition to a little princess's nursery.
Get it for $42 here

5. Chatty Press
Going along with the customized pencils, I've always wanted my own address stamp.....Weird....probably but I think it's the cutest thing in the world and it just looks so crisp. I'm excited to get my desk so I can fill it with my stationary, cards, and hopefully personalized stamp!!
Get it for $26 here

I love finding new blogs and etsy shops. There are sooo many talented people out there!!!Make sure you check out these amazing etsy shops to see different styles and options! What are some of your favorite etsy shops? I would love to check them out!!
I hope everyone has an awesome weekend. The final four are here in Atlanta, and the hubs and I are going to the block party tonight with the Zak Brown Band playing!! So excited!!

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  1. awww thank you so much for featuring my stamp. bookmarking your blog so i can come back more often!


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