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Friday, April 26, 2013

Five Favorite: Spring Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces are probably the best and easiest way to glam up an outfit. You can have a plain T.....add a statement necklace and you are completely chic. Love it! Each necklace brings such a different feel to an outfit. Here are some of my top pics right now!!
1. Cara Statement Necklace
I'm a deffinite razzle dazzle type of girl. (A girl at work gave me that nick name...I feel like its a good thing?) Anyways...I love the sparkle in this necklace with a pop of the oh so trendy neon right now. I'm definately going to be going to Nordstrom in the near future for this piece.
Get it for $68 here

2. Nautical Rope Knot Necklace
I think this would be adorable paired with a blue and white striped boat neck shirt and white skinnies. A yellow or red version of this would be adorable as well!!
Get it for $14 here

3. Mint Green Daisy Necklace
Wear with a chambray button up....adorable!!
Get it for $20 here
4.Tribal Turquoise Bubble Necklace
Get it for $20 here
5. Rhinestone and Crystal Necklace

.......Ok I love this one too so here's a bonus ;)
6. Royal Blue Aztec Bubble Necklace
I absolutely love this royal blue color on this necklace!!
Get it for $16 here
I'm so excited today's Friday!! This week my sister in law from San Antonio is here to visit with her two adorable kids!! They really are the cutest things ever!!! (they make me baby hungry lol.......don't tell Eric!!) Anyways....This weekend is going to be filled with family and my neice's 1st birthday!! The girls are planning an IKEA trip on Saturday so keep an eye out on instagram for our finds!!
I hope everyone has a great weekend!! Email me pics of your fav statement necklaces! I need to add to my collection ;)

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  1. I LOVE necklaces 4 and 5!!! It's so fun being in GA and being able to hang out and see your cute new house! Ikea will b fun!


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