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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Target Finds and Weekend Fun

I'm obsessed with Target....I mean have y'all seen their new line Threshold? It's the perfect combination of shabby chic meets modern. Eric and I still have some money left on gift cards that we got as wedding gifts (over a year ago) and we're going a little crazy finding the perfect things to fill our home with!!
Check out our latest find this weekend. I'm in love with these coral vases. (Eric picked them out. He has a great eye!!)They kind of remind me of those vintage milk jugs. I'm in love!! Find them here
This weekend was filled with church activities, great friends, shopping trips, cleaning the house, and family. Eric and I drove to his parents house for dinner Sunday night, and it was absolutely gorgeous! Georgia gets soooooo green it's crazy! There are some people that get closterfobic from how thick the trees are!! We're driving right past Kennesaw Mt. which was a battle ground during the Civil War. They have trails that  you can hike through and a museum of war artifacts found on the hillside there.
What were your finds this weekend? Eric and I are currently on the hunt for a good area rug for the living room, an entry table, and kitchen table. If y'all have any suggestions feel free to comment!! I hope y'all have a great Tuesday!! This week I have some great posts from how to spend less $$$ highlighting your hair to an AMAZING salad recipe I'm obsessed with!!

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