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Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Photo Diary

I feel like since being a homeowner, there are literally not enough hours in the day! There is always so much to get done, but not enough time for it all. My weekends FLY by!! I can hear some mom’s probably thinking, “Wait till you have a kid!”……I can only imagine what that will be like! Anyways Our weekend was filled with fun adventures and work around the house.

Friday night, Eric and I went to the theatre to see The Croods…Loved it!! I feel like Disney/Pixar does an amazing job making family movies fun for kids as well as adults. They always have such a great moral to the story at the end. K so I feel retarded.. but I teared up at the end. Don’t worry though, the hubs didn’t notice lol. Safe!! Lately I’m such a cry baby. Show me a pic of a dad holding his kid and I’ll choke up.. It’s weird and definitely not me! Does that come with being married? Are you are just automatically more emotional, or is that just me??

Sat. we woke up early and did a bunch of stuff. Eric started out in the yard with his dad while I went grocery shopping, and cleaned the house.  That night we went to Atlantic Station (in Atlanta) and ate at The Burger Joint…For those in the Southern area it’s worth a trip. Their burgers and sweet potato fries are mouth watering! After that we went to H&M and got a shirt for me, and then waited for an eternity in line. Is it standard for all H&Ms to be ridiculously slow? Every single one I’ve gone to the line seems decent, but it is at a standstill forrreeevvvver(insert Smalls from Sandlot) When we finally got out, we had way too much fun at IKEA and Target…..Such dangerous places for new homeowners to be!! We found some great stuff to start transforming our little house into a home. Sunday we went to church, cooked, and spent time with each other. Exactly the way a Sunday should be ;)

Some treasures we found at IKEA for our house

Sunday we made Homemade BBQ Pizza and I made some frozen meals for the week. Working two jobs is a beast and having pre-made healthy meals helps a TON!!!

Just some pics of the beautiful yard work Eric and his dad did!

Sunday Eric asked if he could do something for me and then made me stay out until he was finished. He brought in every candle we had in the house and made me my very own spa

I hope everyone has a great Monday and a great start to your week!! What fun things did y'all do this weekend?

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