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Monday, April 29, 2013

Yellow Striped Pencil Skirt

There's something about yellows and blues that makes me happy. I'm loving this yellow and white striped skirt Eric helped pick out for me. It is absolutely perfect for this summer, and I'm already brainstorming all of my different outfit potentials!....The only problem is about half of the outfits I come up with in my head require me to do some more shopping. Haha I feel like almost anytime I get something new my thought process goes as follows....."OOOOooooo I LOVE this..Yup love it. OMG this would look great if I had a white or cream blazer.....or maybe a patterned top or new shoes...." It's a problem. I am always thinking what I could get to go with it instead of what I already have that it would work with. Am I alone in this downward spiral lol?

Top: Ralph Lauren Outlet
Skirt: Marshalls
Belt and Shoes: Franchescas
Necklace: Forever21
Watch: Nordstrom

Lets hear it for the studdly photographer!! woot woot!!

 This past weekend was amazing. We spent the whole weekend with Eric's family and I loved every second of it. Sunday I made the most amazing cinnamon rolls I've ever had....On a for real..I'm not just saying that because I made them ;) I'll have the recipe up for y'all this week. I promise once you make them you'll know what I'm talking about.. sooooo good!! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Here's some positivity to start off your week.

 I hope everyone has a great Monday!! Love Y'all. Thanks so much for reading.

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