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Friday, May 3, 2013

Five Favorite: Spring/Summer Makeup Looks

When the weather warms up, along with getting my body in tip top shape for the pool (Another workout post coming next week!!)  ;) my mind is also thinking about getting that oh so gorgeous bronze golden dewey look. I'm crazy about summer makeup. It just looks so fresh and effortless. I've been doing some homework, and these are going to be my go to looks this season!
1. Soft Pink lip and Blush
Really..... I love everything about this look from the hair color to the natural eye shadow, but I LOVE the soft pink lip and blush against the bronzed skin. It looks extremely feminine and playful. Perfect for lunch dates!!!

2.Bronzed Eyes
I love how the makeup artist brought the eyeshadow underneath the eyes as well. It's all about Bronze!!!

3. Eyebrows
I just recently started filling in my eyebrows with eye shadow and an angled brush. It really adds so much more shape and definition. I really like the way it completes my makeup. I've gotten sooo many compliments on them lately!!!

4. Face Contouring
If you're not already contouring your face with bronzer and highlighters.....start now. It really makes such a difference once you're all done with your face...Youtube has some great video tutorials on how to do this. I love Makeup with Camila (English Chanel)

5. Tan Skin
I'm sure by now you've seen the common trend.....tan skin is definately my #1 go to "makeup look" I'll be doing a lot of spray tanning and self tanners this summer. I don't want to be a skin cancer patient in my early 30's. Make sure you tan the safe way! Wearing an SPF will still give you an amazing glow!!

Sometimes I call my makeup my "war paint" I mean it kind of is in a way right? Indians wore war paint to intimidate enemies and as a status......Isn't that exactly why girls wear makeup? Lol just food for thought. I have a love hate relationship with it sometimes though. I love the way I look with it, but I hate having to take time to take it off, or when I realize it's time to switch out foundation due to my new red pimple friend ;)
Makeup is meant to enhance your god given natural beauty. Not to put a mask on. If you're trying to find a makeup look that's right for you look up ideas on youtube. I do it all the time and learn lots of cool tricks!! Like I'm pretty sure my next purchase will be a beauty blender sponge. I've heard nothing but amazing reviews about it!! I hope everyone has a great and safe weekend!!
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