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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Playing House

Back in March, Eric and I made our very first home purchase!!! We spent A TON of time ripping down nasty wallpaper and cleaning up. It has taken me forever to put up before and after pics, so here are just a few....kinda like a tease I guess ;) The top photos are the before and the bottom ones are the afters. Hopefully it's obvious what was old! I would feel like a failure in life if y'all thought the new was the old. My resume would be as follows......Professional Spender, Fitness Lover, Blogger, Interior Decorator, Cook, Maid, & Grocery Shopper. Try not to be too impressed!


The wallpaper kind of blends in with the back splash in the before.....It had to come down!


While Eric's sister Stacey was in town, we looked online for different tables and accessories. She and I both fell in love with this black vintage dresser style entry table from Kirklands. I came home last week to a sticky note on the garage door saying you deserve it. I walked inside, and there was my black dresser entry table!!! Love my Hubbs. He is the most thoughtful man ever!!!

(Side Note: I'm currently looking for decorations for the table and that area. Leave comments below with any suggestions!!)

This is post paint but pre decorating and organizing

It is still an ongoing process, but we love it. Making something your own is the best feeling ever!! It was really overwhelming to pick out paint colors. If you've redone your walls, you know what I'm talking about!! To see the colors we used check out my post Potential Home Colors. The only ones we didn't end up using were the blue and the dark brown. I'll put up the rest of the pics soon. I'm working on a lil somethin somethin that will make the home tour a little more fun! Until then keep checking in. This week I'm getting back into more workout posts, health tips, and a potential outfit post!!

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  1. Looking good! I love all the updates you guys have done!

  2. I love this home! So pretty.

  3. For the bookshelves in your living room,for a non permanent idea,buy pieces of foam board,cut them to size, paint them or cover them in wrapping paper or fabric in a pattern/color you love then put them into the backs of your bookshelves for a pop of color that doesn't change anything for the long haul.


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