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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Vacation Motivation!

We all know fitness year round is important, but its when we start trading our trendy
layers for bare all bikinies that we actually see why. This July Eric and I are going with his parents to Bermuda! I have just over a month to get my body where I want it to be. My plan is...
 #1 Eat and cook clean....This is going to be the hardest for me by FAR!!! I love eating healthy, and it is so so important to do so because loosing weight is 80% what you eat and 20% working out. The hard part is I have a huge sweet tooth. I love my sweets and my breads. That's the best part about going out to eat is the basket of bread and butter right!?
#2 Eat correct portion sizes and eat small meals and high nutrient packed snacks throughout the day. Have any of y'all seen the season premier of Extreme Weight Loss with Chris Powell? First of all he is amazing, and if y'all haven't seen it yet watch it! It's a very motivational show. Anyways... on the premier they were talking about an easy way to figure out what your portion sizes should be. Protein=the size of your palm, Carbs=the size of your fist, and Fats=the tip of your thumb.
 #3 Go to the Gym or do P90X six days a week. Right now I'm working two jobs, and so sometimes by the time I get home, I'm just too exhausted to think about driving to the gym. I just pop in P90X and I'm good to go! When working out it's important not to do the same thing every day. You want to allow time for your muscles to heal, and prevent your body from plateauing!!

Here are a couple new workouts for your Shoulder and Trap area That will help tone you right up for the beach. (p.s. sorry for the weird faces..I was towards the end of my workout when these were taken....It was HARD!)

1. Military Behind the Head Shoulder Press

Do this work out with the Smith Machine to help guide the bar. You want to have you chair positioned so that when you lower the bar, it just barely touches the back of your head like pictured below. Choose a weight that's comfortable yet will still push you. If you can do 12 reps and still feel like you can do more, add weight. Starting with bar above your head hands equal distance apart, bring the weight down to where your arms are at a 90 degree angle and then push arms back up over your head. When pushing arms above your head, don't lock out your elbows. Keep them at a slight bend to prevent injuries. Do these until failure, and then scoot your chair back slightly to do the same military shoulder press, but in front of your face. When doing it in front, the bar should be barely in front of your nose when bringing the weight down. Doing these will help put muscle on top of the shoulders. I used to have super bony shoulders, and these workouts have helped a ton!!

You can do these with the Smith Machine or the regular bar. Since I was already here I just added weight and lowered the bar on the Smith Machine. Hands should be about hip width apart. Starting with bar right below hip level, shrug your shoulders and try to touch your shoulder blades together in back at the same time. Do these until failure. If the bar is too heavy for you, grab the dumbbells and do them. It doesn't matter where you're at with fitness, you have to start somewhere.

Good face huh!?...... :/

I love reading positive quotes that keep me motivated. Sometimes right before I leave my second job I'll look over some to get me in the mood to work out when I get home. Here are some great ones for y'all to turn to!


I hope everyone has an amazing Thursday, and is a little more motivated to kick it into high gear!!

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  1. What are you talking about, you already have a beach ready body!!! Bermuda...sounds awesome!

    1. I'm trying to keep up with you girl!!! you need to send me the like to that fitness facebook page you contribute to!

  2. I am so crazy obsessed with the Chris Powell show! I cry every time.

    1. Oh I know! We love him. He just seems so genuine with the people he works with. He's changing soooooo many lives!

  3. Good luck! It can be such a challenge, but I'm sure you can get there!

    Jillian -

  4. Right! It's tough but so worth it! I really want to make clean eating a lifestyle, so right now its baby steps that's getting me there. Thanks for the positive comment. It really gives me more motivation!

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