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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hair Products to Heart This Winter

So once upon a time I used to be naturally blonde. Now a satellite head and about two hours later I can get the same naturalish blonde look . K now here's the problem..... with my hair being constantly processed (aka bleached but I hate that word) its already really dry. Throw in the cold dry winter air, a blow dryer, and some hot tools later......... forget about it.. my hair is DEAD. My ends are now breaking, my hair is staticky, and won't hold it's shape to save my life. Enough!!!!

Thankfully I found some products that have strengthened my hair, made it more shiny, prevents breaking, AND no more static!! Woot WOOT!!! Seriously y'all this is like a miracle for me. My hair has just always been dry no matter what and I finally found some good products that don't break the bank. The Mr. appreciates that part ;)

1. Rusk Shampoo in Calm (about $16 at Ulta)

2. Rusk Conditioner in Keratin Care (about $15 at Ulta)

3. Brazilian Tech Keratin Deep Penetrating Conditioner ($5 Packets at Sally's)

4. Aveda Brilliant Heat Protection and Shine Spray(about $25 at Aveda Salons)

I use the Rusk products every other day. Second day hair I will usually try to do in an updo so it doesn't look super greasy. These are my definite sock bun days ;) Once a week I'll use the deep condition treatment by Brazilian Tech. One packet will last me about a month so it's definitely worth the $5. If your hair is super dry I would use the packet twice a week until you notice a difference.

The best product by far though is the heat protectant by Aveda... Y'all this stuff works miracles. Spray it in your hair after towel drying and it acts as a detangler (which prevents breaking) and obviously protects against heat when you blow dry. Once you're done styling spritz a little on and it's a shine spray. If you can only get one of the products above this is the one to get. I'm obsessed!

Top: Sequined Polka Dots from The Limited(Sold Out)
Black Cover: Banana Republic
Pants: Vigoss Skinnies from Nordstrom
Watch: Fossil
Necklace: Gifted

Whats up post ready selfie!? I hope everyone here in the ATL is having a safe warm day. The winter storm 2014 was crazy yesterday!! What normally takes me about 30-45 min to get home took me close to 5 HOURS!!!!.......and I left work at 12. There were people that had to sleep in the office overnight, stranded on the highway, and spending the night in schools or stores. There were two deaths yesterday and over 1,000 accidents. Such a crazy mess when the roads turn to ice. Praying for everyone that was affected by the winter blast yesterday.

Have a Safe and Warm Wednesday!!

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