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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ginger Grapefruit Morning Juice

The other day, Eric and I got a juicer and I'm sooooooo excited!!! I've heard so many great things about juicing and have done a lot of research on it's benefits. Basically for those that aren't too familiar with juicing, it's an amazing way to get nutrients straight into your system. Eating fruits and veggies is super important but your body has to break down the fibers before it can get all the nutrients. Juicing just skips that whole working part ;) Along with all the nutrients being absorbed is also all the natural sugars from fruits and veggies that the fiber would normally slow down. That being said, although I LOVE to juice, you have to be careful that your blood sugar doesn't spike.

I try to do one juice a day, and to be honest I've noticed a huge change in my energy and just overall health. In the morning I'll usually do a glass of juice and a bowl of steel cut oats with dried craisins, cinnamon, and a spoon full of honey. YUM!!! 

This is one of my favorite morning juices!! I found it online, and it really just gets me up and going when I'd rather be snuggled in my bed :/


1 Medium Grapefruit
1 Small-Medium Apple (I used a Granny Smith)
1 Medium organic carrot
1 Lemon Peel
1Tbsp Fresh Ginger

After juicing all the produce, I'll take all the pulp excess and re-juice it. It's amazing how much more juice squeezes out! If you have any favorite juice recipes you use and love post them below! I'll post some more favorites including some with pineapple, kale, and spinach. So good!!!!

Wear these Peach Rock Drop Earrings to continue your citrusy day ;) Make sure you hashtag #mybellebijoux to show off your jewels!!!

Have an amazing SUNDAY FUNDAY!!!!!!!

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