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Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Creation of Belle Bijoux

I have some super exciting news that I'm sooooooo excited to finally be able to share with everyone... I finally started my own fashion jewelry business!!! I've had a dream/goal for a long time to open up my own boutique/online shop, but it was one of those things where until I actually did it, I was a little hesitant to tell a lot of people about it. Now that my etsy shop is up and running, I can't stop myself from telling anyone who will listen to me babble about it!!!! (so feel free to spread the word ;) thanks you're great!)

Belle Bijoux (meaning Beautiful Jewels in French) is the company I started. I really wanted to do something that would not only make someone look beautiful but also make them feel beautiful. That being said, a portion of all the sales made will be donated to Alex's Lemonade Stand to help fight childhood cancer. There's something amazing about giving back that just makes you feel good. Not only are you helping bless someone else's life, but you also get that warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you made a difference. I'm hoping that by donating a portion of every sale, it will make giving back a little easier especially for people that are too busy to breath. I mean who doesn't want to kill two birds with one stone? Awesome accessory..check.. Good deed for the day...check check!!

Boho Wrap Bracelet, Chained Stone Bracelet, Infinity Bracelet

Bauble Neon Statement Necklace

Aqua Bedrock statement necklace is currently sold out. Comment below if this is a necklace you'd be interested in! To reorder or not to reorder? (Similar Here)

Bauble Red Statement Necklace

I'm so excited to see where this business goes, and to be able to help out in my small way this amazing organization to help families fight childhood cancer. To learn more about Alex's Lemonade Stand and it's creation click Here. Trust me when I say you'll need a box of tissues!!!

Comment below, or email me at if you have a fashion blog and would be interested in doing a collaboration!

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  1. So exciting!!! I LOVE all this jewelry! I'll have to order some!


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