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Monday, March 9, 2015

18 Weeks and Counting

Here we are 18 weeks pregnant and it's the craziest thing! It's still so surreal to think that I have a little something something growing inside of me. To give a little background....We found out we were pregnant two weeks before Christmas. I was just getting over a cold and started feeling nauseous and couldn't figure out why.......Well.....that Saturday morning after the gym I was more nauseous than I had been the prior two days and the only thing that sounded good to eat was a fat juicy burger. Eric was a sweet heart and dropped me off at the house and went to get one for me. While he was gone I just had the random thought to take a pregnancy test and viola!!!! A faint second line appeared <3 Being the spaz that I am, I couldn't wait to think of some cute way to give Eric the news so I called him right  away (mind you he's getting a burger for me) and I just blurted it out on the phone! He just kept saying No Way!? and then finally said, " You do realize I'm in line getting a burger for you right now right? You couldn't wait 5 minutes for me to get home??" Hahaha NOPE!!

I felt extremely blessed to find out when we did, because the next week we drove to Texas to be with my family for Christmas and we were able to surprise them with the news and see their reaction in person.

My parent's reaction

Telling Eric's Parents

So far I haven't had any crazy random cravings although the first 3 months while I was dealing with 24/7 nausea I just wanted a bunch of salty stuff like hot pockets, ramen noodles, saltine crackers...... blah. Now I feel like my sweet tooth has just been amplified which is tough because sweets lately are also giving me this awesome heart veggies it is!

I have felt a couple light flutters which has made this whole thing feel  a lot more real and have heard the little heart beat twice. We find out what we're having in two and a half weeks. Eric and I both feel like it will be a girl, and so far every wives tale, Chinese gender calendar, and pretty much every person we talk to all agree.

We both feel so grateful to be able to experience this miracle together and are just praying for a healthy baby whatever it might be :) We have been so blessed to have family and friends that are just as excited to be a part of this process as we are and I just cannot wait to meet this little nugget!!! August 11th seems so far away but I'm sure it will fly up before we realize it.

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