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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Gym Motivation

This morning going to the gym was like pulling teeth. I thought of every possible reason to stay home. I probably asked myself 4-5 times if I was "feeling ok", I thought that it was best that I was home right at 9 so Ty could get his nap on time not a minute after (so selfless of me lol), and a bunch of other random excuses. All the way up until I was literally walking through the gym doors, I was trying to give myself some good reason to turn the car around and stay home. Now in the gym, I knew if I didn't go to some class I'd probably end up leaving early so I quickly committed to the cycling class and an hour later felt great and was so glad I didn't give in to myself.

There are times (like today) the idea of going to the gym and lifting heavy things (forget anything that even resembles cardio) is the last thing I want to do. Don't get me wrong, about 80% of the time I'm actually excited to get to the gym and push myself towards my goals. For the rest of the time there are a few tricks I use to help me get there. My top 3 "Fake it till you make it" tricks

1.) Find a Class or Workout Buddy

When I was working full time, the only time I could get to the gym was after I got off around 5:30 or 6:00pm. At that point of day all I wanted to do was crash on my couch and just veg. After a few solo gym trips, I met a friend there who ended up becoming my workout partner. This was great because she was counting on me to be there. So even though after work it was a struggle to get myself to the gym, I knew she would be waiting for me so I brought my pre-workout in the car and watched fitness motivation videos on youtube while I sat in traffic (more on that later).  Fast forward to current status, now that I stay home with Tyson the most ideal time for me to hit the gym is first thing in the morning.....I'm not a morning person. I started going to a class that starts at 8:30 every morning and made friends with some of the people in those classes. It got to a point where they would notice when I missed a day and ask where I was (Are you picking up on my trick here? It's all about creating some sort of accountability.) I'm to a point now that regardless of if I go to a class or do my own thing with weights, I get to the gym by 8:30 everyday. I love routine. That may sound weird but I love knowing what I need to do and getting it done. My morning routine is:  6:30 wake up, 7:00 feed Tyson and get him ready for the day, 7:40-8:00 leave for the gym. If I wait to go to the gym later in the day it is sooooooo much harder. I'm already ready for the day and in the middle of my errands. I love just getting it out of the way first thing in the morning.

2.) Visuals and Visualizing

I'm a very visual person. I started watching these workout motivation videos below when I was going to the gym in the evening. I really needed that extra something to get me excited to push myself to my goals. You can find a lot more videos on YouTube but these two are my favorite.

When I'm in the middle of a workout and starting to feel fatigued, I'll visualize my dream body or being at the beach in a swimsuit to help push me past failure. Sometimes my own goals aren't enough to push me so for example when I'm on the stair master after my workout, I'm exhausted at this point I mean I'm just done but I have 20 more minutes left. At this point I tell myself that Tyson is at the top of the staircase waiting for me and I get to get him in 20 minutes. I will do anything for my family for 20 more minutes. I find that I tell myself quite often "I can do anything for 10 more minutes." I can do anything for 20 minutes. Pathetic.........maybe.........Weird........probably........ Effective........yup. You gotta find what makes you push yourself past your mental blocks. It's amazing what your body is capable of.

3.) Music

 I had a couple questions about what music I listen to at the gym I just want to preface by saying that some of these songs are a little explicit so you might want to look for a clean version. These are songs that give me that extra push or pump once they come on. Right when I'm at my quitting point, I hear these songs and get my second wind. If you have Pandora on your phone sometimes I'll put on the Skrillex station when I'm doing cardio or the Pop and Hip Hop Power Workout station for my other workouts.


GDFR- Flo Rida
Breaking a Sweat- Skrillex
I Can't Stop- Flux Pavillon
Sail- Unlimited Gravity Remix Awolnation
Turn Down For What (Remix)
Tri-Polar- Sick Puppies

General Workout:

GDFR- Flo Rida
Watch Me- Silento
Let's Go- Trick Daddy
My House- Flo Rida
Rude Boy- Rihanna
Party Up- DMX
My Chick (Remix)- Ludacris
Turn Down For What (Remix)
Wop- J Dash
Bodies- Downing Pool
Monster- Awake
Fake It- Seether
Coming Undone- Korn
Like a G6- Far East Movement
Work- Iggy
I will Not Bow-Breaking Benjamin


Dance- Big Sean Remix fet Nikki Minaj
Ms New Booty- Bubba Sparks
Outta Your Mind- Lil Jon
How Low (Remix)-Ludacris
Teach Me How to Dougie
Wobble- VIC
Down With the Sickness- Disturbed
Low-Flo Rida
Pop Lock and Drop It
Confident-Demi Levato
Shake- Ying Yang Twins
Drop It Low- Ester Dean
I Will Not Bow- Breaking Benjamin
No Mediocre- No Mediocre

YouTube also has some great workout music compilations you can download for your workouts.

Another key factor to help me push myself is having a support system. Eric is amazing at making me want to push to be a better me. He is dedicated to going to the gym even if he's had a long day at work. We promised each other when we got married that we would always do what we could to look the best we possibly could for each other. It's not fair to your partner to let yourself go. Get your spouse involved with your workouts. It's so fun to transition with each other!

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  1. Go Amanda! I am the same way with you about going to the gym first thing in the am. It's so much better to start your day that way. And I listen to a lot of the same work out music as you! I listen to country music mostly when I am not working out but that just doesn't pump you up at the gym. Love you!


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